Friday, January 27, 2012

What Did We Learn On 'Anderson' This Week?

If you actually watch 'Anderson' you occasionally learn a tidbit about the host himself. This week we picked up on two things.

Anderson and his mom have not bought each other gifts in years ~

And Anderson stayed up until 3am the night before a taping watching Moneyball ~

SPOILER ALERT on today's mystery guest!

Anderson was so excited by his mystery guest — Henry Winkler — he got up on his set’s coffee table and knocked it over. (via Not sure if this makes it to air or not!

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Anonymous said...

What did I learn? Well, let's see the shows are getting worse and from the first picture it seems to have started having an affect on Anderson, he looks tired and a little worse for wear.

aries moon said...

The bits of info that Anderson reveals about himself on the show is one positive thing about it. I don't think he'll ever be able to fully open up about himself in the way that some people may have expected/hoped, but I do like when he tries a little to lose some of his natural reserve.

This show seems to be a huge disappointment for the majority of the posters here and I'm not always thrilled with it or the show topics and production values but I'm going to watch it until the bitter end, which given the low ratings, may be soon in coming and then everyone will be happy again (and that might include Anderson himself).

Anonymous said...

I learned that Anderson seems to enjoy using his daytime show to show off his looks.

Anonymous said...

What did I learn?
That Anderson does freaky things like getting up on a table for Henry Winkler.
What? Why?
Sorry, this little tidbit reminds me of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch to show how much he was in love Katie.
It almost ruined his career.