Wednesday, February 08, 2012

AC360 Late Night Edition for Feb. 7, 2012

After Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper had anchored 5 hours of Republican primaries and caucuses on Tuesday night there still was no clear winner in Colorado. Coverage continued for another hour and a half with a special late night edition of AC360 from the CNN Election Center in Atlanta.

In the studio for Late Night AC360:
Mark Preston in the cube
John King at the magic wall
Pundits: Ari Fleischer and Donna Brazile
Analysts: Gloria Borger and David Gergen
Brooke Baldwin watching the trends
Erin Burnett watching campaign money

Reporters on the road who did live reports:
Jim Acosta from Romney Headquarters
Joe Johns with Gingrich in Ohio
Paul Vercamen at GOP headquarters in Colorado
Jessica Yellin from Washington, DC

CNN was the first to announce a Santorum sweep at 1:01 AM, with wins in Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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