Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Anderson Cooper at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Sunday night Anderson attended Graydon Carter's Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at the Sunset Tower in Hollywood, California. Pictures have been posted on Zimbo, Just Jared and Getty Images and several other sites. Here are a few pictures from the big night.

And we found this video of Anderson leaving the VF party. The video is titled 'Silver Haired Stars at the Vanity Fair Party' and Anderson is at the very end. You have to laugh when the paparazzi says 'who is that guy?'.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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Anonymous said...

I love a fabulous party just as much as Anderson does. Maybe if I could afford to fly across the country and had an invitation and a Mondo dress to wear I'd be at the Vanity Fair party too.

This is going to sound mean but I'm hoping he was actually sick on Monday instead of being too tired from partying to do 360.

Any news if Anderson will be on the job tonight?

New look to the blogger site or is it just my computer?


Anonymous said...

If the "press" doesn't recognize Anderson, whether it's the tabloid press or otherwise, this is not a good omen, especially if "that guy" has a talk show.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza he's baaaaack, I just saw him on CNN & I agree he partied too much to come in on Monday.

The ATA Team said...

Jaanza & ACAnderfan, We did nothing to change the comment page, it's the 'new' blogger. I hate it but we're stuck with it. Hopefully they'll get enough complaints and change it back or at least fix it.

Anonymous said...

Do we really care if Anderson partied too much or too little??
Whatever he does lately, he just isn't into what he's doing, anyway, so let him stay in LA.
If he's in LA he'll just want to come back to NYC anyway.

Anonymous said...

Why does he always lie about him not going to parties and being a recluse when he clearly isn't?

Anonymous said...

Because he's into "creating an image," the shy person who really doesn't get out much.
This is appealing and it worked very well, for a while but with fading reviews of his talkshow, and less reporting in the field, AC is fast losing his credibility.