Friday, February 24, 2012

Anderson Cooper "It is great to have Christiane back."

From Thursday's AC360 ~

COOPER: Well, more than 100 people were killed today in Syria. More than 100 people, according to the opposition. Dozens more died yesterday. Dozens more will likely die tomorrow. The wounded will not get treatment. The children will die. And tonight, Marie Colvin's mother waits, perhaps in vain, for her daughter to finally, finally come home.

Earlier tonight I spoke with Hoover Institution senior fellow, Fouad Ajami, and Christiane Amanpour, our chief international correspondent as well as "Global Affairs" anchor at ABC News.

COOPER: I saw Marie Colvin's mother. You know this poor woman.
Who -- you know, I was thinking about her, how many countless hours and weeks of her life has she spent waiting for her daughter to come home from one dangerous war zone to another and now she's just waiting, hoping her daughter's body will be brought home and even that seems to be --

AMANPOUR: I know, it's a terrible tragedy for all of our parents and families who watch us, go to these zones, we put them through terrible hell. And usually, they let us do what we have to do because it's really important. And Marie made that very, very clear. But can you imagine what she must be going through right now and her brother and her sister and the family just wanting to get the body out and the injured colleagues in there. And across the whole population of Homs and the cities.

COOPER: Yes. Who -- who have nowhere else to go. And they can't get out at this point.
Christiane Amanpour, it's great to have you on the air. Nice to have you back.

AMANPOUR: It's great to be back.

COOPER: It is great to have Christiane back.

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