Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Anderson: Could Your Family Survive a Disaster? Plus, a Dad Gets a Bionic Arm

TOPIC: Could Your Family Survive A Disaster?
Guests: *Kellene & Scott, stockpile for survival, Prepares for a Doomsday
*Tim, has been preparing for survival since the age of 12
*Jason, Prepares for a Doomsday
(above are from the Nat Geo show Doomsday Prepper's cast)
*Janette & Mark, Stranded in snow last week for 3 days (via Skype from Sacramento, CA)
*Michael Essrig, Creator of Earthquake simulator, Simulated an 8.0 earthquake
*Betsy Saito, survival expert

TOPIC: A Dad Gets A Bionic Arm!
Guests: *Matt, Lost his arm in a rock crushing device
*Katie, Husband escaped death, but lost his arm
*Dustin, Father lost arm in a rock crushing device
*John Miguelez, Prosthetician , President of Advanced Dynamic Arms
Milwaukee Brewers invited family to Spring Training for a weekend and asked Matt to throw out the first pitch at a Brewers' game in June.)

TOPIC: Discussing The Headlines
Guests:*Karen Gravano, "Mob Wives"
*Jacque Ried, TV personality
*Andrea Rosen, Comedian
*an audience member

Anderson tweeted the above photo after the taping yesterday and this backstage cam video appeared at the end of today's show ~

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The disaster preparedness part was stupid. I did like the segment where the man got the bionic arm. Also like the panel discussion about the hot topics.

Anonymous said...

I won't even watch Anderson's daytime show. He is dressing up in bunny suits and showing tiara girls while journalists and many people are dying in Syria. I don't expect Anderson to go to Syria at this point. but geez....his daytime stuff pales to people dying.

Anonymous said...

I watched the first few minutes and decided not to waste my time Anon 7:54 I agree with you and also it's been a yr since the disaster in Japan, but nothing from CNN or anyone about how things are there now. What happened to the phrase we'll never forget?