Friday, February 24, 2012

Anderson: The Duggars: A Daytime Exclusive. Plus, 'Who Do You Think You Are?' with Lisa Kudrow

TOPIC: Daytime Exclusive, The Duggars
Guests:*Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar, "19 Kids & Counting", parents of 19 kids
*Josh Duggar, oldest of Jim Bob & Michelle's 19 kids, with his 18 brothers & sisters (via satellite)

TOPIC: Lisa Kudrow & Blair Underwood
Guests:*Lisa Kudrow
*Blair Underwood
*Anastasia Harman, Lead family historian at
*Melissa Reese, Anderson's 5th cousin once removed

TOPIC: Road to Success Car Giveaway
Guests: *Wendy Gravely, Principal, Wesley Chapel Elementary (in studio)
*Gary, Road to Success Car Giveaway Winner & Cheryl, Gary's Wife
('Anderson' sent a camera crew to Charlotte, NC to surprise the couple; first telling Gary's wife and then surprising Gary)

Anderson talks about the surprise, backstage after the filming and we see Gary & Cheryl with the car ~

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I actually liked today's show. I watch 19 Kids and Counting so it was nice to see the Duggars on the talk show. Love Lisa Kudrow, would have liked to see more of her on the show. Both topics on the show were interesting.

Anonymous said...

I wish the Duggers would have been on for more time. And I wish Anderson would have asked them some different questions. Stuff that wasn't obvious. I feel like people really don't know them and just how legit insane they are (ie someone screen capped a hand out Michelle was giving to mothers at one of her speaking engagements. And it was all on how to be submissive to your husband even down to wearing your hair how he liked it. Or the eldest son Josh comparing abortion to the Holocaust). Sorry these people make me rage.

I thought today was an ok show. But I feel like yet again he could have made them both into individual episodes. I would have been interested to see an episode on the Quiverfull movement.

I don't get the people over at Anderson. When they find a half decent topic why don't they ever try and run with it? Instead we get an hour of girls in pageants. And what's that? Next friday we get another hefty dose of TLC... lovely.


Anonymous said...

We had a thunderstorm today so I watched Ellen and she had Brittany, the former NY housewife who was recently featured in Forbes Magazine.
This woman knows how to market herself and make money, and it was a pleasure to watch Ellen converse with her.
Yes, I could have watched Anderson,
but frankly, when it comes to talk, and being entertained, nobody does it better than Ellen.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Cas, I too would have liked to see him ask more questions about the Duggars lifestyle. I like 19 Kids and Counting, but they are a very strange family. There was one episode where the girls said they wear their hair long because that's how their dad likes it. What's up with that? I agree it would be interesting to see the talk show do an episode about the Quiverfill movement.

Anonymous said...

The hard hitting newsman has turned into a wimp. He no longer asks the tough questions, like he did during Katrina, bitch slapping Mary Landreau, instead he asks mealy mouth questions that everyone knows the answers to already.

As for the Duggars they are the religious version of Kate(Jon) plus eight who capitalize on their children and exploit them. From the comments about them on other sites it seems people are tiring of them and wish they would go away.

As long as Anderson has a source for reality TV(TLC) he won't change, guests that already have an agenda is the norm on his show.

Why not do an Oscar show - Anderson liked Money Ball so why not have Brad on and then add Clooney to the mix, now that I'd watch. Clooney/Pitt almost as good as Newman/Redford.

Anonymous said...

Out of all the Duggar kids there has got to be one rebel, one kid who's forging his or her own way and refuses to conform and will high-tail it out of there the day he or she turns 18. If that rebel is a girl, she'll cut her hair really short. If the rebel is a boy, he'll grow his hair really long.

And then that kid will write a tell=all book about what is was really like to grow up in that family.

Anderson can still do tough interviews but he's not going to do that in the daytime. Things are watered down in daytime.

I'd watch Pitt and Clooney on Anderson's talk show but doubt that will ever happen. Those guys are huge stars, they don't need to piddle with the lower-rated talk shows.


Anonymous said...

@ ACAnderFan That whole you are your father's property and you do what pleases him until you find your own husband to be faithful thing is very strange.

@ Janzza And that book will be pure gold.

I agree that this is day time but Coming from Anderson I expected something less watered down than normal. I mean he's touched on subjects like polygamy and molestation. The Duggars interview wasn't watered down, it was just plain ol water.