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'Anderson' Ratings News for Week Ended February 12th

For the week ended February 12, 2012 ~

From Broadcasting & Cable
Syndication Ratings: Talkers Hit Their Stride as February Sweep Gets Underway
'Dr. Phil,' 'Dr. Oz,' 'Ellen' all reach or match season highs

The top talkers all hit season highs as the February sweep got underway in the week ended Feb. 12.

CBS Television Distribution's Dr. Phil, now the top talker for the 16th time this season, scored its highest ratings in 21 weeks, hitting a 3.5 live plus same day household rating and tying the season high it hit in September. Dr. Phil climbed 6% in households from the prior week, and 13% from last year.

Sony's Dr. Oz came in second, jumping 7% to a new season-high 3.1.

Warner Bros.' Ellen gained 13% for the week to hit a new season high 2.7, good enough for third place. That tied Ellen with Live! With Kelly, which was steady.

In fifth place, NBCUniversal's Maury added 4% to a 2.6, followed by CTD's The Doctors, which strengthened 6% to a new season-high 1.7. CTD's Rachael Ray remained at a 1.6, while NBCU's Jerry Springer sank 6% to a 1.5. NBCU's Steve Wilkos was flat at a 1.4. Sony's Nate Berkus climbed 10% to a 1.1, tying Debmar-Mercury's Wendy Williams, which declined 8%.

Among the rookie strips, Warner Bros.' Anderson added 7% in households to a 1.5.

(All of the above are syndicated talk shows; for the full article please click on above link.)

A couple of more interesting articles showed up on 'Anderson' and the daytime talk market ~

Anderson Cooper Serves Ranch Dressing to Courteney Cox — Is He Trying Too Hard?

Courteney Cox believes that "everything is better" with ranch dressing, but that may not be the case with Anderson Cooper.

On Tuesday's Anderson, Cooper surprises the Cougar Town star with a huge bowl of her favorite salad condiment and watches as she dips veggies and guzzles the bowl. It's awkward, weird and, frankly, lame as far as talk show surprises for guests go.

Which begs the question: Is Cooper trying too hard?

While Anderson has been renewed for a second season, the show is hardly a hit, hovering around 1 million viewers and routinely getting beaten by daytime rivals like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and Jerry Springer. Conscious of the struggles, the show has brought in a new executive producer and changed the format, featuring multiple segments instead of one — like last week's equally, if not more, kooky segment in which Cooper gave the Toddlers & Tiaras mothers the same pageant makeovers their daughters get.

It was always going to be tough for a hard-hitting newsman to go the soft news and tabloid-frenzy route, but we know Cooper can entertain us with the less serious stuff, so what gives?

Do you think Cooper is trying too hard, or is he still just trying to find his daytime footing?

Oprah, Anderson Cooper, Ellen Degeneres, and the Battle for Daytime Television

What a difference nine months makes, huh? Almost a year after Oprah went off the air, the battle to fill her shoes rages on, while Winfrey finds herself in hot water with Nielsen for trying to court viewers on Twitter. It feels weird, doesn’t it, to see the queen of the airwaves “begging” for viewers? Meanwhile, the playing field is full of other would-be daytime dominators, but who is winning?

The leaders of the pack, no doubt, are Dr. Oz, Ellen Degeneres, and Dr. Phil. But with upcoming shows from Katie Couric, Rikki Lake, and Steve Harvey, just to name a few, is the audience too splintered to produce another Oprah-sized success? Anderson Cooper is struggling to find his daytime audience, despite his overall popularity in other timeslots. This is probably a function of the clown car that has become daytime TV, rather than whether or not his show is actually good…pretty soon, everyone will have a daytime show! Even TiVo! (First topic? TiVo wish lists and the women who love them)

Look at it this way. In February of her last season, Oprah came in at number 15 on TiVo’s season pass rankings. Dr. Oz, the strongest of the current daytime shows, currently ranks at 92. Below him are Ellen Degeneres at 132, Dr. Phil at 175, and Live! With Regis & Kelly all the way down in the four hundreds with Anderson Cooper, at 441 and 464, respectively. Interestingly, by the time Oprah went off the air in September 2011, she had fallen in the ranks to number 45. So maybe people had already begun defecting? Or maybe the Queen of Talk had run out of things to talk about!

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Anonymous said...

Every time I look at that picture of Anderson is his red sweater all I can think is how much he enjoys the limelight and how good he thinks he looks. He doesn't look interested in too much more than that.

Anonymous said...

Locally, Anderson is on at 9 AM (CST) opposite Live with Kelly and the last part of the Today Show. I don't know how well he's doing here but the articles ATA posted indicate he's not doing as well as the talk show powerhouses. Maybe "Anderson" just needs to get a good footing or foundation and grow from there.

As I stated before, I wish Anderson all the success in the world. But sometimes you have to know when you've taken on too much.


Anonymous said...

Yes, he does enjoy the limelite and if he keeps going the way he is going, there will be no light at all.

Anonymous said...

What does Anderson really have to offer?
Dr's Phil and OZ have their medical insite and wisdom and Ellen has her humor.
Anderson is a journalist or at least was and isn't amusing.
He's rich and handsome but there are many men who are rich and handsome and they're not show host material.
He is way out of his league and someone should pull him aside and tell him the truth.
It is obvious the people around him are just telling him what he wants to hear, not what he SHOULD HEAR.
Personally I'm surprised there are one million people who watch his show and half of them aren't listening.