Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anderson: Shocking Teacher Sex Scandal & Inside the Mind of a Sex Offender

TOPIC: Inside The Mind Of A Sex Offender
Guests: *"Ken" Registered sex offender, Attempted to lure young girls online
*"Tom" Registered sex offender, Had sex with underage boy he met online
*"Mike" Registered sex offender, Molested underage female neighbor (via Skype)
*Dawn, Sex offender therapist
*Mel Robbins, Former Public Defender
*"John" Molested his sister & daughter & *"Deb" Husband sexually abused his daughter (couple on darkened screen via Skype - didn't show faces)
*Christina, Ex-husband sexually abused their daughter (started around age 1)
*Bethany, Sexually abused by her own father (from age 1 into her teens), Had her father arrested for sexually abusing her (at age 24)
*Jim Stickley, Cyber security expert
*Janice, Mother of two, worried about cyber security
*Dr. Steve Perry, CNN Education Contributor
*Gloria, Children attended Miramonte Elementary (via Skype)
*Dr. Casey Jordan, Criminologist, Attorney
*Katherine Hull, RAINN Spokesperson

Anderson spoke about doing the show for the "Backstage Cam." This was played at the end of today's show~

At the opening of today's show Anderson spoke of being propositioned as a child. Long time fans, may remember that he wrote about the experience in an article for Details. Below is an excerpt from the article. Please click on the link for the full article ~

Why our parents still have power over us
September 27, 2005|By Anderson Cooper

....I was 10 when my dad died, and about a year later I decided it was time to take control.
I wanted to be independent, and I needed money of my own for that.
I decided to get a job. Kind of odd for a child, I know, but I was nothing if not odd.
Child-labor laws posed a problem, of course, but then I found the one industry where youth is an asset.
I became a model.
I know it's cheesy, embarrassing, pathetic, but look, I wanted to earn money, and $75 an hour was nothing to sneeze at.
I signed up with the Ford Modeling Agency.
For a couple of years, every day after school, I'd call Ford's children's division and talk to the booker, asking her what "go-sees," or auditions, I had that afternoon.
By the time I was 12, I was regularly working for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Macy's.
All right, so maybe working is a bit of an exaggeration. I was paid to put on clothes and get my photo taken.
Not exactly brain surgery.

On jobs, most of the other kids were accompanied by their mothers, pushy women who sat on their children like hens. Me, I went alone.
My mom worked, and the idea of asking her to accompany me seemed to defeat the whole purpose of having my own job.
I worked until I was about 13. That's when a photographer made me a proposition.
Well, actually, I guess propositioned me is the more accurate term.
He called me up one night after a photo shoot and asked me if I wanted to make $2,500.
I was a little confused, since photographers usually have to make deals through the modeling agency. I wasn't even sure how he got my home phone number.
He said he worked for some people, and when they came into town he arranged "meetings" for them. I still wasn't picking up on what he meant.
"All you have to do," he finally said, "is go to this guy's hotel room. Open a bottle of wine, have some cheese . . ."
Suddenly I got it. I hung up the phone and never told anyone about it. Not my mom, not the modeling agency, no one.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I only half paid attention to the talk show today as it really didn't interest me. Though I do remember that Details article. Its too bad he doesn't write anymore.

aries moon said...

It was still a little unsettling to hear Anderson talk about his own experience with an adult who was attempting to proposition him even though I was aware of it through the Details article--few things are worse than adults who prey on young kids.

I'm with ACAnderFan, I wish Anderson was able to write more, but he's got so much on his plate these days.

Christopher D. Stover said...

I disagree with Anderson Cooper's stance on these issues and this presentation.

We tell people it's wrong to think about children, I don't think this is the right approach. If people feel this way, they need to talk about it and should be encouraged to talk about it so they don't act on their feelings.

Parents need to take responsibility, be open with their kids, and tell kids the truth about what can happen. Kids need to understand if they're propositioned, they need to tell someone so it can be addressed and stopped early on. You shouldn’t have girls who continue to be sexually abused until the age of 24, this is absolutely ludicrous.

Sex offenders need to be able to move on with their lives. Everyone makes mistakes in their life, but we punish sex offenders beyond the point of recovery. Society shuns them, they're unable to find employment, and they're placed on a permanent sex offender registry. How do we expect them to become productive members of society under these circumstances? We, as a society, need to do a better job of rehabilitating individuals so they can be productive members of society.

I have a lot of respect for these guys who mustered the courage to go in front of the public on this show and share what they did. Yes, by societal standards, everything they did was wrong, and I think some of them did worse things than others. However, I think we should applaud them for owning up to what they did and encourage them to be better and not do it again. Isn't this similar to the concept of Alcoholics Anonymous?