Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Arizona & Michigan Primary Night

Hail, hail the gangs all here, and by here I mean the CNN Election Center in Atlanta. Coverage with anchors Wolf Blitzer, John King and Anderson Cooper kicked off at 4 ET and continued until Piers Morgan took over at midnight.

CNN Analysts for the evening were Gloria Borger and David Gergen
CNN Pundits were Paul Begala and Maria Cardona for the Democrats and Ari Fleischer and Alex Castellanos for the Republicans.

Brooke Baldwin covered Social Media
Dana Bash reported from Michigan
Jessica Yellin was in Washington, DC
Candy Crowley at Mitt Romney headquarters in Michigan
Kate Boulduan at Ron Paul headquarters in Michigan
Joe Johns at Newt Gingrich headquarters in Michigan
Rick Santorum at Rick Santorum headquarters in Michigan
Tom Foreman in Ohio with undecided voters

AC360 Transcript

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Anonymous said...

I was glad to see Anderson back on the job. Although this was an important primary day, I got bored with the endless political gabfest. Did anyone honestly watch all of it?

Great photo of Anderson, it's a sharp suit, an interesting pose and I love the expression on his face.


Anonymous said...

Didn't watch the Primary coverage, but I did watch Anderson on Dr Drew.