Saturday, February 11, 2012

Next Week on Anderson 2/13/2012

Monday, Feb. 13
MTV’s TEEN MOM and The Real Face of Teen Pregnancy. Plus, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? with John Quinones
The stars of the hit show TEEN MOM join ANDERSON to discuss their take on the tabloids and the truth about what they’ve given up to become mothers. Plus, John Quinones from WHAT WOULD YOU DO? puts ordinary people on the spot in a riveting social experiment and EXTRA’s Mario Lopez joins ANDERSON’s panel to discuss the latest headlines.

Tuesday, Feb. 14
Could Your Protect Yourself? & Animal Planet’s Pit Boss Shorty Rossi
ANDERSON goes inside the mind of a former criminal to understand what makes certain people targets and gets insider tips everyone needs to know to protect themselves. Plus, Animal Planet’s PIT BOSS star, Shorty Rossi, discusses serving 10 years in prison for attempted murder and how he uses the skills he learned on the streets to help and rescue pit bull dogs.

Wednesday, Feb. 15
Blended Family Boot Camp

Family interventionist, Mel Robbins, joins ANDERSON to put a family that’s on the brink of collapse through a blended family boot camp. Then, a family counselor attempts to diffuse a volatile mother and daughter relationship so explosive it has led to the mother to come begging for help. Plus, the four types of toxic people everyone should avoid.

Thursday, Feb. 16
Making Money Off of Murder & Public Shaming

ANDERSON explores the new phenomenon of murderabilia, where people obtain collectibles from murder related crimes and sell them online to the highest bidder. Plus, ANDERSON speaks with the owner of a newspaper that publishes and distributes people’s mug shots to determine whether or not he is doing the community a service or ruining people’s lives.

Friday, Feb. 17
New TODDLERS & TIARAS Controversy

For the first time ever, ANDERSON is giving a pageant-style makeover to the moms of TODDLERS & TIARAS so they can experience what their daughters endure every time they are forced to compete. ANDERSON is joined by former pageant girls and their mothers to discuss the controversial methods these moms use to motivate their daughters, including hyper-caffeinated drinks and counting calories.

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Anonymous said...

If Anderson thinks he's going to get the T&T mom's to look at things differently he is sadly mistaken. He seems totally obsessed with this topic which is not good, in my book. Anderson you are not Dr Drew and certainly not Dr Phil AND most of all you ARE not like Phil Donahue, I don't remember Phil being obsessed with one topic and doing shows about it over and over. Phil did do a show on racism in America that was programmed over two days, but it was a good topic.

And for those of you who say Anderson is being well Anderson, & not Phil. Let me just say Anderson wanted his show to emulate Donahue's in a sense, but that has gone out the window with the staff that left him.

Anonymous said...

Uggggghhhh... What is with Anderson's love of Toddlers & Tiaras? What is this? Like the 4th or 5th episode? Stop it!


Anonymous said...

Overall the topics next week are a little bit better; how to protect yourself from crime and selling murder scene items aren't exactly TLC material.

As for Toddlers & Tiaras, if Phil Donahue was still doing his show he'd have one episode - ONE - about T&T and then he'd move on.


Anonymous said...

None of these topics are of interest.
Anderson should do his homework and watch how Ellen does it.
She really makes hosting look easy because she has an easy manner about her.
Anderson always seems a bit tense.
He relys too much on the teleprompter and what comes next.
No topic this week holds my interest, not even for 5 minutes.
He could do this for the next ten years and never build a loyal following or learn hosting skills.
What a waste of talent.

Claire said...

I can't remember the last time I watched any of the daytime show. I check the weekly post on what's coming up to see if anything interests me and it hasn't...for weeks.

I haven't watched much of 360 lately either. I don't want to watch 15 minutes on Syria every night, going over the same things with the same "experts". I also I'm not going to listen to Ari go on endlessly. So I flip the channel often to see what topic has come up, hopefully one I'd like to see.

I don't know if Anderson has spread himself too thin or if he's in over his head on the daytime show(he does not have the personality to be a warm, funny host). Maybe he needs to overhaul his career and figure out where his bliss is again, because I don't see it showing up anytime lately.

I do have to say if people think 360 is the best show CNN has to offer, they are in worse shape than anyone realizes. I much prefer to watch Wolf or John King. These men are professionals, they know their subject and are dedicated to bringing the best they can. They don't get the ratings they should and that should be addressed, but I feel these are solid programs that can be improved easily.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right, about everything.
Well said and I too have avoided 360 ever since AC has been involved with his day show.
He really isn't following his bliss anymore, on either of the shows.
He's bored with both. That is obvious to the viewer.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Anderson is bored with both shows because he is bored with life. Most people who are happy with what they do are generally happy with who they are and with life in general. I don't know what has caused Anderson to stop field reporting (or writing--haven't seen that in a while) since he originally said he would take the daytime show on the road. He is much better on the road telling stories and writing than he is as an anchor. I think he is over-extended and continuing the daytime show is beating a dead horse.