Saturday, February 04, 2012

Next Week on Anderson 2/6/12

Monday, Feb. 6
My Mom’s a Hoarder; Plus Joan and Melissa Rivers
ANDERSON sits down with a family to discuss a mother’s excessive hoarding problem. Then, E!’s outrageous mother and daughter comedy team Joan and Melissa Rivers are dishing on everything from Melissa’s public breakup, to Joan hitting up a tattoo parlor in her 70’s.

Tuesday, Feb. 7
OCD is Ruining My Life and Howie Mandel
A woman tortured by her OCD sits down with ANDERSON to reveal how the crippling is affecting her. Plus, Canadian Howie Mandel (DEAL OR NO DEAL) stops by to talk about his new show MOBBED, and helps ANDERSON pull off one of the biggest flash mob engagement surprises ever.

Wednesday, Feb. 8
How My Husband Became My Wife; Plus the Latest Theory on Why Men Cheat
ANDERSON explores a family’s transition after it was discovered that the father suffered from a rare genetic condition that required him to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Then, ANDERSON is joined by a panel of women, including a legal prostitute and a relationship expert, for a candid discussion about why men cheat.

Thursday, Feb. 9
Barbara Sheehan; Plus “What Would You Do?” with Jon Quinones
ANDERSON speaks with Barbara Sheehan, the Queens resident who was recently acquitted in the fatal shooting of her retired-cop husband. Plus, ABC correspondent Jon Quinones helps answer WHAT WOULD YOU DO? with a riveting social experiment.

Friday, Feb. 10
Town Affected By Mystery Illness & My Strange Addiction
ANDERSON is joined by a team of medical experts to investigate the mystery illness spreading across upstate New York towns that has affected up to 15 teenagers. Then, ANDERSON speaks with several guests from TLC’s MY STRANGE ADDICTION, who are all suffering from peculiar addictions, while an expert joins ANDERSON to try and find out what is causing them.

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Anonymous said...

I don't care if EP Terrence has connections to TLC enough with these shows. I would like to hear more about the mysterious illness plaguing the teens, but how about having Dr Drew and Erin B on too AND please no strange addictions(that is sick)

And you can bet I WILL NOT be watching Joan and Melissa, they are mean and not the least bit pleasant to anyone unless they will be useful to their careers.

Anonymous said...

Nope, don't have to see any of these shows.


Anonymous said...

Where is Anderson Cooper? Thought he was supposed to co-anchor the Nevada Caucus?

Anonymous said...

how disappointing. I guess Anderson has other priorities now and John King and Wolf are the faces of CNN now.

Anonymous said...

I agree, very disappointing. I barely check this blog anymore, it's mainly now All Things CNN that I keep up with.

Anonymous said...

@2/4/12 9:54 PM: I agree, and I think we all know what that priority is.

Claire said...

I thought Soledad did a great job last night. And of course John King and Wolf Blitzer are politics on CNN.