Wednesday, March 21, 2012

AC360 on Wednesday March 21st

MAJOR DEVELOPMENT IN TRAYVON MARTIN CASE Vote of "no confidence in Sanford police chief: Report by David Mattingly

KEEPING THEM HONEST: Trayvon Martin's Death Investigation: Report by Anderson Cooper
Follow up discussion with Frank Taaffe

KEEPING THEM HONEST: Stand Your Ground Law: Report by Randi Kaye

LICENSE TO KILL? Fla. law scrutinized in wake of Trayvon Martin death: Discussion with Jeffrey Toobin and Dennis Baxley

MAJOR DEVELOPMENT IN TRAYVON MARTIN CASE Vote of "no confidence in Sanford police chief: Report by Gary Tuchman
Follow up with Jeffrey Toobin

ETCH-A-SKETCH SHAKES UP RACE Rivals seize on Fehrnstrom comment: Discussion with Kevin Madden and Alice Stewart

STANDOFF IN FRANCE Suspected gunman holed up in apartment: Report by Dan Rivers

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

THE RIDICULIST: Summons Messed Up

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast
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Anonymous said...

While the Trayon Martin case is interesting, I don't think it was worth 1/2 the program. Guess they had some segments from earlier in the week they didn't get to air?

I was highly disappointed that Anderson showed a clip from his daytime show as the segment with Trayvon's parents. They were in the same building, couldn't he invite them down to the 360 studio, put on dress shirt and tie and conducted a proper AC360 interview instead of trying to promote his daytime show?

I'm waiting for the day that he'll show an AC360 segment on the talk show and promote AC360. If he wants to promote his daytime show, he could pretty much put himself on the RidicuList nightly with his "antics" from the daytime show.

aries moon said...

360's coverage of the Trayvon Martin case has been well-rounded and thorough even if I don't agree with some of their guest choices such as Zimmerman's friend Frank Taaffe, whose statement that Trayvon was at fault for not responding to Zimmerman's questions was ludicrous and insulting--I was done with Taaffe when he said Zimmerman was a "nice guy"--anyone who perceives Zimmerman, with his history, as a "nice guy" doesn't need to be heard from in the first place. Interesting how the man who exercised the Stand Your Ground law in Randi Kaye's story was arrested but Zimmerman hasn't been. Jeff Toobin was awesome as usual when he confronted Baxley about the law.

Anderson seemed kind of irritated with Rick Santorum's spokesperson Alice Stewart and her arguments against Romney.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@anonmyous 1:35 I doubt Anderson will ever promote 360 on the talk show. He seems all about the talk show now. I too wondered why the interview with Trayvon's family wasn't done for 360. I think its a better fit for 360 than the talk show.

I also agree with you that devoting half of 360 to the Trayvon case probably wasn't the best idea. But this is 360 and they always seem to latch on to a story and sometimes go overboard.

Whitney said...

This asshole has been all over television in recent days defending Zimmerman. But his defense of Zimmerman is the least of my concern. It's the fact he had the audacity to blame a decease 17 year old teenager for his own death. If Martin would have simply responded in an appropriate manner. Really? What is appropriate? If Martin would have simply told Zimmerman where he was going, then this situation could have been avoided. Really?! This is the problem with some white people. They live in a white, privilege world that shields them from these types of comments where a person of color's life is consistently devalue and dehumanize even in death. The reality is in a racist mind filled with hate, there is NOTHING you can say in any manner that will satisfy a savage seeking violence against your very existence. Martin's girlfriend stated on the telephone it was Zimmerman who pushed Martin first when Martin asked Zimmerman for a second time why he was following him. Zimmerman became aggressive and racism is very powerful. In that moment, he only saw a fucking coon who needed to be put into his place. I have witness older white people become physically aggressive towards black teenagers for no reason. It has happened to me. So to watch Taffe blame Martin as the troublemaker who didn't comply or be the good little nigger to his massa is not surprising to me. Taffe will never be "dealt with" by someone who comes after him for simply his skin color. He will like never have someone call 911, report him suspicious, and have that person follow him with a gun because he isn't wearing a suit that night. He will never have someone speak to him in a demeaning manner and try to take away his dignity because of his skin color. He will never deal with the weight of other people's hate and stereotypes that can ultimately lead to your death. Of course Taffe's interaction with Zimmerman was pleasant, easy going, and friendly. He is the right skin color. Now compare that to some black teenagers within this gated community who have stated they felt very uneasy with Zimmerman's presence. Martin was your everyday teenager. And now he is dead because someone couldn't control their hate for black people.

Anonymous said...

If 360 didn't have a half-hour on the Trayvon Martin story it woulf have had more about politics.

I agree it's odd for Anderson to have Trayvon Martin's parents on his talk show instead of 360. This is not the first nor the last time Anderson put the big "get" on his talk show rather than 360. Trayvon's murder is still big, still a tragedy and a travesty of justice.

Romney & Santorum & Etch-a-Sketch: two quotes: my husband, "That's what we want! We want a candidate who never changes his mind!" Stephen Colbert from 2006, "President Bush will believe on Wednesday what he believed on Monday no matter what happened on Tuesday." I'd rather have a politician who can change his/her mind as the situation changes, new facts come forward and constiuents - the people they represent - change their minds.

The Ridiculist was pretty good and I say that after doing jury duty twice.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Anderson has worn a "hoodie."
Should we shoot him?
Zimmerman was a self appointed vigilante.
Trayvon didn't have to answer any of his questions because Zimmerman had no legal authority to question any one.
What a person wears and how he wears it, has nothing to do with being a threat.
Zimmerman is guilty and deserves time away from his "watch post."
Let's give it to him.