Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anderson: Can Arranged Marriages Really Work? Plus, New Documentary 'Bully'

TOPIC: Arranged Marriages
*Matthew, In an arranged marriage
*Married, Married (to Matthew) for 30 years
*Labeeda, 23, Wants an arranged marriage
*Shadid & Bushra, will arrange daughter's marriage
*Deborah, Was forced into an arranged marriage, opposes arranged marriages
*Nancy, Parents attempted to arrange marriage, has not talked to family for 4 years
*Trevor Crow, Marriage and Family therapist

Bullying & The Documentary "Bully"
*Alex, Featured in the documentary, "Bully"
*Jackie & Philip (Alex's mom and dad), Featured in the documentary, "Bully"; Son, Alex, was bullied on school bus
*Lee Hirsch, Director "Bully"
*Kelby, Featured in the documentary, "Bully"
*Londa, Daughter, Kelby, was bullied in school
*Dr. Susan Swearer, Co-Director of the Bullying Research Network (from audience)
*Katy Butler, started petition to change rating of "Bully" (from audience)

AC360 viewers may remember, some of the other kids featured in the documentary "Bully" and Lee Hirsch participated in An Anderson Cooper Special Report - Bullying: It Stops Here, which aired on Sunday, October 9th. If you missed our post about the special, please click here.

For additional clips and information on today's show, please visit andersoncooper.com by clicking on the hotlink below.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's 'Anderson' was better than I thought it would be. I thought the part about arranged marriages was pretty interesting.

aries moon said...

It really was great to see Alex smiling after having been put through so much hell by bullies and clueless/insensitive adult enablers.