Monday, March 19, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday, March 19, 2012

KTH, DELEGATE DENIAL: Anderson Cooper and John King reporting
Discussion with Alice Stewart, Santorum spokeswoman

KTH, SELF-DEFENSE OR MURDER? Anderson Cooper reporting
Interview with Tracy Martin (victim's father) & family attorney Benjamin Crump
Digging Deeper: Jeffrey Tobin and Sunny Hostin

Follow up with shooting victim Randy Walker

TAX REFUND ROBBERY: Randi Kaye reporting



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aries moon said...

Glad to see Jeff Toobin on with Sunny Hostin to talk about the Trayvon Martin case--Sunny has a tendency to get really worked up and in this case it's understandable, but Toobin is right about how all the facts need to come out. Still, it was sad to listen to Trayvon's dad recount hearing his son's last words. Anderson was right about how certain people are perceived as suspicious and others are not. Thankfully, the DOJ and the FBI will be investigating this case.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of Monday's 360 was in the first segment; Santorum spokeswoman Alice Stewart was robotically stating 'we can still win' and John King bluntly shot that down 'possible but not probable.' I love John for saying that.

The Trayson Martin story is very sad and troubling but I hate it when any newsperson asks the parent of murdered child 'what was going through your mind?' or 'how do you feel?' It should be plainly obvious how they feel.

Yes, Fmr. Gov. Barbour said something yesterday about the paroled murderer mess but it wasn't anything new and there was nothing new in the discussion with Walker that followed.

The Ridiculist was just a bit too immature for me.


Anonymous said...

The first segment was very good. I love how John King is so calm and factual.
The Trayson Martin story is very sad and disturbing, but I agree with Jaanza, there's no need to torture the parent with those stupid questions.
The story with the former Gov was really unnecessary last night, there was also the tax return fraud which I personally didn't find interesting. The shooting in France only got to be mentioned on the bulletin, I thought that was strange. -Sarah