Friday, March 16, 2012

Anderson Cooper & AC360 Friday, March 16, 2012

BREAKING NEWS, SOLDIER IDENTIFIED AS STAFF SGT. ROBERT BALES, Accused of murdering 10 Afghan civilians: Report by Anderson Cooper

DHARUN RAVI GUILTY IN WEBCAM SPYING TRIAL, Frmr. Rutgers student convicted of hate crimes and other charges: Report by Miguel Marquez
RUTGERS WEBCAM TRIAL JURORS SPEAK OUT, Say obstruction of justice charges were most 'cut and dry': Anderson's exclusive interview with Bruno Ferreira & Kashad Leverett, Jurors
DHARUN RAVI GUILTY IN WEBCAM SPYING TRIAL, Spied on gay roommate who later killed himself: Anderson & Sunny Hostin discuss

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Gas Pump Promises: Report by Anderson Cooper
FUEL FIGHT HEATS UP, GOP: (President)Obama to blame for spike in gas prices: Anderson with Fareed Zakaria & Stephen Moore

TORNADO'S DEADLY FORCE, Couple records moments before twister hits: Report by Susan Candiotti

FALLEN SOLDIER, OUTRAGED FAMILY, Dating websites used dead soldier's photo: Report by and follow up discussion with Martin Savidge

'KONY 2012' FILMMAKER PICKED UP BY POLICE, Jason Russell found naked and screaming in San Diego: Miguel Marquez and Anderson discuss

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN: Susan Hendricks

RIDICULIST: Pizza Vasectomy Combo

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aries moon said...

Good reporting on 360 Friday night with in depth coverage of the Dharun Ravi verdict, gas prices and the President (Fareed Zakaria always elevates the discourse--AC sited a couple of credible sources which confirmed that the President can't do much to affect the price of gas, but it was still interesting to hear how Stephen Moore would interpret it all). The tornado and fallen soldier stories were heartbreaking and the turn of events for the KONY filmmaker was just bizarre. I also enjoyed seeing Miguel Marquez on 360 again and a fun Ridiculist, but I miss Jeff Toobin's legal insight on 360, Sunny Hostin is ok, but Jeff's on a whole other level, IMO.

Anonymous said...

The Ravi verdict is an important story but I was surprised it was the lead story. Maybe because Anderson got interviews with two of the Jurors? (I was on jury duty, a DUI case and no one from the media asked to interview me.)

@Aries Moon - Given the choice between Jeffrey Toobin and Sunny Hostin, I would choose Toobin too.

The report and discussion about gas prices and politics was the best part of the show. Zakaria and Moore had a great discussion and covered a lot of ground. I loved how, at the end, Anderson segued to Zakaria to promote his upcoming health special but Zakaria wasn't done talking about the global gas economy and finished that topic before mentioning his special health program.

The report about the tornado was on 360 because the couple had video. Without the video, the story about a tornado in Indiana wouldn't even be mentioned in the Bulletin. The story about the soldier's picture being used for a dating website was sad but not shocking. The KONY guy... well, you can make a viral video about Ugandan warlords but you can be young and stupid at the same time.

The Ridiculist was okay.