Friday, March 02, 2012

Anderson Cooper AC360, Friday, March 2, 2012

Anderson & Chad Myers
Anderson & Jeff Piotrowski, Storm Chaser (by phone )
Anderson & Rob Marciano, from Ooltewah (Eastern) Tennessee
Anderson & Lawrence Smith, WDRB (by phone)
Chris Welch, CNN All platform journalist, in Henryville, IN
Anderson & Major Chuck Adams, Clark County Sheriff's Office (by phone)

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Syria Lies: Report by Anderson Cooper
CONROY, "IT'S A SLAUGHTERHOUSE", Wounded journalist describes scene in Baba Amr: Anderson's interview with Paul Conroy, Photojournalist (by phone)

CONTRACEPTION CONTROVERSY, Linbaugh comments spark rare GOP criticism: Anderson's follow up with Maria Cardona, Mary Matalin & Ari Fleischer


RidicuList: Airplane Seating

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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NewsThristy said...

Don't be so hard on those airline passengers, Anderson. I know you can learn about a person's entire life in 1-3 hours on any west to east; east to west flight - mostly cause they're just as bored as you. As the Catholic church would preach, "Have mercy on them." - and then hide behind your newspaper...

Anonymous said...

Anderson's interview with Paul Conroy was very good. Would love to see Anderson and Paul travel to Syria, when it's safer.... I watched Paul's YouTube plea for help after being injured and I'm so glad he was able to get out of Syria and get the medical help he needs.

Ari Fleischer needs a few months off, IMO. I'm tired of his talking points, twisting things around and talking over the other guests. Was glad Maria Cardona didn't let him get away with talking over her tonight, but Anderson seems to give Ari a lot of room on the panels.

I was disappointed in the storm coverage. I'm not a big fan of Anderson sitting in the studio, talking to non-CNN storm chasers, affiliates by phone. Gary Tuchman was in the area and was on John King's program. Not sure why 360 did use him.

I was hoping that with all the storms predicted for the day and only a morning talk show taping, that Anderson would hop a plane and anchor from the field tonight. Guess that was too much to ask...

Anonymous said...

I hated how Ari Fleischer turned the discussion from Rush Limbaugh's comments to Arianna Huffington's HuffPost. Fleischer refused to say anything close to 'Limbaugh should apologize" and made it sound like Huffington did something just as crass and stupid as Limbaugh's fiasco.

Late word is that a sixth sponsor has pulled away from Limbaugh.

The rest of the show was okay. The tornado reports seemed like a lot of deja vu; the Syria report was a little more interesting.

As for the Ridiculist - I'm not on Facebook, don't think I ever will be. This airline seating idea just seems like another invasion of privacy. When I'm on a plane, I want to read my book or look out the window. I don't want the person siting next to me to talk to me about my cat Inky or their hamster Charlie.


aries moon said...

There was no justification for what Rush Limbaugh said about Sandra Fluck and yet here are Ari and Mary going to ridiculous lengths to defend him and denigrate the young woman--wrong is wrong. I've been sick of Ari Fleischer for a long time, he has no consideration for the other guests and just drones on and on and on and AC never reels him in. I like Maria Cardona and Hilary Rosen because they both speak up forcefully against Ari and the other conservative pundits, but they really need to stop letting Ari dominate the discussions.

It sounded like Anderson may have had a slight cold, I heard some sniffling and coughing. And there was a weird moment after Chad Myers did his weather report--they need to watch those microphones.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@aries moon, I too heard that weird moment after Chad Myers did the weather report. I think it was something like "he needs to let me finish" or something like that and it seemed like it was directed at Anderson. I agree they do need to watch those microphones, but also the person wearing the microphone needs to watch their mouth too.

Anonymous said...

Last night Anderson unfortunately allowed Ari Fleischer and Mary Matlin to successfully undermine and obfuscate the fundamental issues of Limbaugh’s lewd and misogynistic hate speech and its importance in the context of the Republican’s rabid assault on women’s health care rights.
I don't know who I am more upset with, Mary for her utterly unprincipled admiration of Limbaugh, Ari for his typically cynical and dishonest tactics or Anderson for not even challenging their shameful talking points.