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Anderson Cooper AC360 Monday, March 5, 2012

Follow up: David Axelrod, Obama Campaign Senior Strategist

AC360 RAW POLITICS, SUPER TUESDAY: John King reporting
Political panel: Rich Galen, Cornell Belcher and Gloria Borger

Follow up: Syrian activist Danny


TORNADO TERROR: Anderson Cooper and Susan Candiotti reporting


Blogger's Commentary: On tonight's AC360 we would have appreciated a segment with Mary Matalin and hopefully a mea culpa in addition to the interview with President Obama's political advisor David Axerod.
We were appalled at the misogynistic comments made by Matalin, and to a lesser degree by Ari Fleischer, on Friday night's program. While Fleischer did admit Rush Limbaugh needed to apologize he also tried to deflect attention from Limbaugh onto an article in the Huffington Post.
Matlin forcefully defended, even praised Limbaugh as the savior of the Republican party. She said after the dust settles Rush is right 99.7 percent of the time. And to add insult to injury she then went on to question the credentials of Ms. Fluke and why she was testifying before a Congressional committee. She said the young lady wasn't a member of the clergy, wasn't a student leader and didn't work for the insurance industry. That's right Mary, how dare an ordinary American dare to give their opinion to Congress. How dare they? ~ The ATA Team

Here's the segment from Friday's AC360:

AC360 Transcript

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Anonymous said...

Loved, loved, loved David Axelrod on AC360. It was so nice to see Anderson have a discussion with one person on a political issue vs a giant panel all trying to talk over each other.

It's apparent Rush has no idea how birth control actually works, let alone the fact that it's used for reasons other than preventing pregnancy. He may say he apologized, but it wasn't sincere and only done in hopes of preventing more sponsors bleeding his show.

Mary Matalin was a huge disappointment on Friday night. She's not one of my favorite pundits, but better than Loesch and Ari and I expected more out of her on Friday night. Anderson was pretty lax in his moderation of the whole panel on Friday night; he doesn't appear to like to keep Ari, Mary or Loesch accountable for their statements at all.

Overall, I thought 360 was pretty good tonight. Nice mix.


aries moon said...

If Rush Limbaugh didn't have any significant influence on the Republican party, you wouldn't see politicians tip-toeing around him or groveling and apologizing to him if somehow they displease him. That's the difference between him and someone like Bill Maher or Jon Stewart. Although I don't agree with her politically, I always thought Mary Matalin was a part of the more reasonable old-school conservatives, but she certainly blew that image out of the water on Friday and it was shameful--it just goes to show how out of step the Republican party is with many Americans to their detriment. Glad to see David Axelrod on the program and happy not to see Ari Fleischer. Dana Loesch has been MIA on 360 for a long time which is a good thing, but maybe she still appears on other CNN programs, which is not. I agree that Anderson seems to be a bit on the timid side when it comes to questioning or holding folks like Ari and Mary accountable--if he believes that facts are what matters most, that should be the bottom line--but he tends to go for false equivalency far too often.

@ACAnderFan, I didn't realize you had replied to some of my comments on a couple of previous ATA posts, but I was going over them over the weekend and I just wanted you to know I agree with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Axelrod is nothing more than an Obama mouth piece. Having him on with no one to counter what he said was nonsense, seeing 360 claims to be unbiased. They should have had Matalin or Fleischer on, I agree, but not for the same reasons you all wanted.

The truth is that both sides run their mouths and call the other side atrocious, ridiculous names. Anyone remember Schultz calling Ingraham a slut? Or how about some on the left calling Michelle Malkim a who**? Or better yet Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin a cu*t? Where was the ire and the call for Dems to apologize for these things? There was none as I recall. Everyone was too busy laughing. Both sides need to get a damn grip and stop the nonsense! Rush is an idiot but there are just as many idiots on the other side doing the exact same thing.

And as far as birth control goes, like Matalin said, it is VERY readily available to anyone who wants it. There is a place in every county, of every state, in the U.S. called the County Health Department. It is like a regular doctors office yet you don't have to have insurance and they base what you pay them on your income. So people with no or lower incomes don't have to pay anything! It is FREE! Those who have to pay only have to pay a small amount because the government picks up most of the tab. This health department gives the exact same services as any other regular doctor's office does. And yes, that includes birth control! You can get any type of birth control that you choose to use, whether you're using it to not get pregnant or for other medical issues. So saying women can't easily get birth control is a misnomer. Anyone can go to their county's health department and get it for free or pay a very small amount for it.

I found last night's 360 to be on the boring side. But what's new about that these days?

Anonymous said...

If you disagree so much with what Mary Matalin said on Friday, why would you want to see her again on Monday night? She's not likely to have changed her views over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed that there was no mentioning of the President's meeting with the PM of Israel, but that maybe a personal perspective, because I'm Israeli and perhaps most viewers don't find it that interesting.
I too was surprised AC didn't grill Mary Matalin, and I thought he would invite McCain to grill him about his suggestion to bomb Syria. He doesn't seem to be too much into grilling lately, in fact I get the impression he's not into anything lately, he just sits there and read the TelePrompTer. -Sarah

Anonymous said...

AC has been out of body and out to lunch for a long time. I don't recognize the man as the same guy who covered Katrina and many other disasters/wars from 2005-10.