Thursday, March 29, 2012

Anderson Cooper, AC360 Thursday, March 29, 2012

Breaking News, TRAYVON MARTIN KILLING, Eyewitness to shooting and aftermath: Report by Anderson Cooper

Breaking News, EYEWITNESS TO TRAYVON MARTIN KILLING, Heard loud voices in moments before shooting: Anderson Cooper's phone interview with unidentified eyewitness to Trayvon Martin shooting

Breaking News, EYEWITNESS TO TRAYVON MARTIN KILLING, Saw two men on ground, one on top of the other: Anderson's follow up discussion with Daryl Parks, Attorney for Trayvon Martin's Family, Mark Geragos, Marcia Clark and Lou Palumbo

SECRET STRATEGY MEMOS REVEALED, Documents outline plans to defeat same-sex marriage initiatives: Report by Anderson Cooper and follow up discussion and Julian Bond, Former Chairman of NAACP

UNGODLY DISCIPLINE, Illinois truant officer steers students to Christian boarding school: Report by Gary Tuchman

FLEEING THE FLAMES: Anderson Cooper introduction & replay of report shown on CNN's Early Start of family fleeing a Colorado wildfire



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aries moon said...

From Anderson's interview dissecting the entire Trayvon/Zimmerman with the new witness, it sounds as though Zimmerman's account of what happened is still questionable--there are other reports to still come out--ballistics, etc.

AC's talk with Julian Bond on NOM's attempt to divide blacks and gays was good and I was glad to hear Julian Bond emphasize that there were black gay people who played major roles in the civil rights struggle in the 60's. NOM is a horrible organization and I'm glad their sickening plan was exposed. There is homophobia within the black community, largely because of misguided, IMO, religious teachings about same sex relationships, but hopefully those attitudes will begin to die out at some point.

Pemberly said...

I found what Mark Geragos said about AC's interview of the alleged witness to be very interesting and true. He said Anderson did a great job interviewing the person but also gave defense attorneys lots of "fodder" for their case. He's right. AC and many other anchors are trying this case in the public domain, without knowing all the facts. Whenever the truth does come out, all these supposed witnesses and experts who want their 15 minutes of fame may cause enough harm to the case that a true and fair resolution will never be obtained.