Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Anderson Cooper, AC360, Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KEEPING THEM HONEST, SYRIA'S LIES: A report by Anderson Cooper

MCCAIN URGES AIRSTRIKES ON SYRIA, GOP senator wants American-led coalition: Anderson's discussion with Sen. John McCain

RAW POLITICS, THE FIGHT GOES ON P-S-T- (POST SUPER TUESDAY): John King reports and breaks things down at the magic wall
CONNECTING WITH GOP BASE, Mitt Romney struggles to attract conservatives: Anderson's follow up with James Carville & Kevin Madden

MOM AND MADAM?, Suspect allegedly ran prostitution ring: Miguel Marquez and Anderson Cooper reporting

ANN ROMNEY'S PATH TO CAMPAIGN 2012: Report by Randi Kaye

BREAKING NEWS, POSSIBLE CRACKS IN SYRIAN REGIME: Anderson Cooper with Fran Townsend (on telephone)


THE RIDICULIST: Price of Popcorn

AC360 Transcript
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Anonymous said...

I watched the clip with Sen. John McCain about a "coalition" to invade/bomb Syria. Anderson never asked McCain how we get other nations to join the U.S. on this and what happens if no one else wants to get involved in another Vietnam/Iraq/Afghanistan.

It's tragic and horrible what's going on there. However strong one's passion for freeing nations being destroyed by despots, you have to think about the realities and the long-term and what to do if the airstrikes/invastion don't work out as planned.

Freeing Syria from al-Assad is a noble thing to do, not questioning that part of the equation. But if McCain is so eager for military intervention will he have his own kids (even grandkids) on the front lines?

Looking forward to seeing the Ridiculist about the Price of Popcorn. I love popcorn.


aries moon said...

Lots of technical problems on the program. Anderson seemed to push back a little and do a bit more questioning of some of the statements that Kevin Madden was making--I hope to see AC do the same with Ari Fleischer at some point. This is shallow, but Madden is a lot easier on the eyes than Ari and less maddening to listen to for that matter.