Monday, March 12, 2012

Anderson Cooper Co-Hosts Screening of the Documentary Bully

Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa co-hosted a Weinstein Company & Bing screening of the documentary Bully held at the Crosby Street Hotel on Sunday (March 11) in New York City. They were joined by the film’s director Lee Hirsch.

Bully hits select theaters on Friday, March 30th. For more on the documentary and the bully project, please visit their website by clicking here.

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Anonymous said...

Anderson and Kelly make a cute couple.
It is a shame they are not.
It is also a shame that AC knows zero about children and how they interact.

Anonymous said...

Kelly is extremely too skinny! She's looking sickly now! Hope she is OK.

Speaking of skinny, Anderson is on the thin side too. He's starting to be too thin also.

Both of them need to eat, stop obsessively exercising and gain about ten pounds or so. Do they have an eating disorder?

I heard this movie got an R rating so most kids won't even be able to see it. They need to change whatever got them that rating so everyone can view this. Bullying is at an all time high for all kids, not just gay ones. I hope this movie shows that. I know AC focuses mainly on gay students but a lot more who arent gay get bashed also. We need look out and take up for them all!

Anonymous said...

"AC knows zero about children and how they interact."

That could be said of anyone (like me) who's not a parent & isn't around kids a lot at work or otherwise.

However, we were all children & can remember that experience if we want to. We can also learn from observation & studying if we're interested in understanding a subject.