Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Anderson: Could You Be Fired Over Your Facebook Page? Plus, a Mom's Double Life

TOPIC: Latest Controversy, Fired Over Facebook
Guests:*Christine, Teacher fired for Facebook posting
*Stacy, Former Girl Scout troop leader, Fired for affiliation with "goth" website
*Nicole, Hooters waitress, former cheerleading coach
*Sunny Hostin, CNN Legal Analyst

TOPIC: A Mom's Double-Life
Guests:*Tiffany, Lives a double life as a dominatrix, Supports her family working as a dominatrix
*Alex, Tiffany's husband
*Melissa Febos, Former dominatrix

TOPIC: Social Media Do's and Don'ts
Guest:*Shawn Edgington, Cyber and social media expert

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today was another not very good episode of 'Anderson'. The topics just aren't very interesting. Tomorrows looks like it might be OK.

Anonymous said...

I FF through most of today's talk show and stopped on the Social Media Dos and Don'ts. I heard Anderson say in real life he has two friends and one is his dog.

To me - this is much of what is wrong with the talk show. He's pretending to be someone he's not.

How many times has he introduced his "friends" as guests on the talk show? Sarah Jessica Parker, Jerry & Jessica Seinfeld, Andy Cohen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, the woman with the kids he used to babysit, come to mind.

Either he thinks his viewers have short term memory loss or are stupid. Perhaps if he wants the talk show to be a success, he should start by being authentic?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:00

When he said he had two friends. I took that as him exaggerating. Making a point that he doesn't have a boat load of people.

As far as social media goes I wouldn't be surprised if he had accounts on social media sites that only people close to him know about.

Anonymous said...

Anderson keeps trying to look like a normal person who never goes out, never dates, never does anything exciting, skips parties, and stays at home when he isn't working. Nobody buys this nonsense, and I agree with @2:00 a.m.---being authentic would be refreshing.