Friday, March 02, 2012

Anderson: 'My Food Obsession is Destroying My Life' Plus, Danny DeVito

At the beginning of today's episode of 'Anderson', Anderson Cooper took a minute to acknowledge the tornado that devastated Harrisburg, IL and spoke with two residents via satellite. The interview is included in this opening video ~

TOPIC: My Food Obsession Is Destroying My Life
Guests: * Ryan, Has eaten the same meals every day for over seven years
*Katrina, Addicted to cornstarch
*Dr. Mike Dow, Addiction Specialist
*Shari, Stockpiles groceries (in audience)

TOPIC: Anderson Interview - Danny DeVito
Guest: Danny DeVito, "Dr. Suess' The Lorax"

TOPIC: What's Trending?
Panel: *David Alan Grier
*Jane Velez-Mitchell
*Annabelle Gurvitch
*Audience member

The photo Danny DeVito tweeted out of "Troll Foot"~

Anderson and Danny spoke of the time Danny visited Anderson's CNN office and tweeted a picture of his foot on Anderson's desk. That incident, including photo, was part of this ATA post from February 17, 2010.

For additional clips and information on today's show, please visit by clicking on the hotlink below.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The first part of the talk show was really bad. The woman who eats corn starch is just stupid.

The Danny DeVito wasn't too bad, it was kind of amusing.

Anonymous said...

I was so disappointed that Anderson interviewed the 2 people from Harrisburg, IL via satellite and presented them "gifts" that Sara Lee actually funded (yes, I know that's what talk shows do). If he had traveled there for AC360 he could have been interviewing them inperson, made it more of a "story" than the minute it was. Is he trying to be Oprah, because he's not...

If he had canceled his Wednesday afternoon taping (the tornado hit at 5am) he could have been in Harrisburg for AC360 Wednesday night, instead of saying he couldn't get a flight out in time for AC360. Guess the talk show not interfering with his travel for CNN/AC360 was lip service? The puzzling thing is, Kristin Chenoweth was tweeting about being his guest for Wednesday afternoon's taping and she wasn't on this week and she's not even listed in the talk show's line up for next week's shows. Makes one wonder why the taping couldn't have been re-scheduled.

It just makes me sad that Anderson can't travel for AC360, but he can basically "exploit" the situation for his daytime program and make it seem like he really cares... Maybe he does care, but apparently not enough to rearrange his schedule to travel and report from the scene.

I enjoyed Danny DeVito. The What's Trending segment was too short and the woman from the audience didn't participate in the discussion at all, so why have her on stage?

As for the food obsession people... I guess they needed a reason to get TLC's Dr. Mike Dow on the program again? Where do they find many of their guests ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Danny DeVito videos. He's a fun guy. The foot mold thing was kind of stupid but the lightning round 10 questions was very good, I loved all of Danny's answers.

Danny, "What? That'sd it?" I felt the same way, the interview was way too short.

@Anon 10:38 PM - Anderson was in Atlanta with the rest of the CNN team on 2/28 for the Arizona & Michigan primaries. It was probably scheduled way in advance and you're talking about Anderson flying out for the sudden news story. I won't place any bets on Anderson doing that in the near future.


Anonymous said...


AC360 Tweeted "Tonight on #AC360: @andersoncooper will report live from Illinois where a #tornado caused devastating damage. 8 and 10pmET on #CNN" at 5:10pmET ... and then 45 minutes later "Programming change: @andersoncooper will report on the destruction in the Midwest from the #AC360 studio. The latest at 8, 10pmET"

Anderson tweeted "Was on runway about to fly to midwest tornado damage but delays forced us to cancel. Full coverage of all the latest @AC360 at 8p, 10p" at 6:12pmET

I was surprised to read the AC360 tweet that he would be anchoring live from IL. My point was that if he was hoping to anchor from IL Wednesday night, he needed to cancel the afternoon taping to make sure he had enough time to get to IL. It's a three hour flight from NYC... plus a drive to get to Harrisburg. In this case the talk show did prevent him from getting to IL... something he said wouldn't happen when promoting the talk show. The tornado hit at 5am Wednesday morning, so they had time to cancel the afternoon taping if Anderson had decided to anchor from IL Wednesday night.

I agree - I don't think travel to breaking news will happen as long as the talk show is taping... maybe over the summer? Field reporting is his strength, hosting a talk show is not...