Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Anderson: One-of-a-Kind Twins: A Primordial Dwarf and Her Sister. Plus, Million-Dollar Collections

TOPIC: Primordial Dwarf
Guests:*Chrissy & Joey Bernal, Sienna and Sierra's parents
*Sienna Bernal, 13, Primordial dwarf
*Sierra Bernal, 13, Twin sister id a primordial dwarf

TOPIC: TLC's "My Crazy Obsession" Promotion
Guests:*Pat & Joe, Have been collecting Cabbage Patch Kids for 27 years, have the largest Cabbage Patch collection, Say their collection is over a million dollars
*Vicki, Embarrassed by her parents' obsession
*Doris, Has been dressing up in 1950's pieces since she was 13
*Dylan, Doris' boyfriend
*Dr. Rosaria Love, Psychologist (audience)
*Dr. Lori V., Professional appraiser (audience)

Pat & Joe gifted Anderson with his own Cabbage Patch Kid, made in his likeness. Below is the video of their presentation, Anderson having a little fun with it, and the backstage cam where he said he'll keep it in his office. Something tells us this isn't what Pat & Joe had hoped....

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1 comment:

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The people who collect the cabbage patch dolls are stupid. The dolls live in a bigger house than they do.

I liked the woman who was obsessed with the 1950's. And compared to the stupid cabbage patch people she's normal. Her and her boyfriend were cute.