Thursday, March 29, 2012

Anderson: Renegade Moms, & Kristen Johnston

TOPIC: Renegade Moms
Guests: *Bettina, Mom, started petition against "pink slime"
*Jim Avila, ABC News Senior National Correspondent
*Cally, Daughters died in rental car accident
*Chris & Hugh, Found drug to help daughters fight illness (via Skype)
*Katies Bethell, Campaign Director,

TOPIC Kristen Johnston: Overcoming Addiction
Guest: Kristen Johnston

AC360 Transcript
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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I loved the interview with Kristen Johnston. I could have done without the renegade mom's part. They should have scrapped that and had Kristen on for the hour. It didn't fit and wasn't interesting at all. Kristen was funny and engaging. I have to agree with Anderson that she was one of the best guests so far. It would be nice if he could have her on again. I thought it was funny when she was in the audience taking questions from people and she kept joking about how everyone asking a question was short.

Steph said...

Loved Kristen Johnston. Great chemistry with AC.

DeeDee said...

I think it was great to see that moms are taking the initiative to get things done, our politicians sure aren't. But the title of the segment just didn't fit it, someone earlier in the week titled it Advocate Moms or something similar and that I agree with.

ACAnderfan, I'm sorry, but you seem to be such a superficial person when it comes to important topics, the world just isn't all Housewives and having fun. If it weren't for the moms and women in general a lot of things would not get done in this world.

It looks like they are going to rerun the Janet Jackson interview again, pulling out the higher rated shows to pull in ratings, do they think we are that stupid. Come on Andy you can do better, get rid of Mr TLC he doesn't seem to be doing his job. September and the new crop of talking heads isn't that far off and you can be canceled at any time, contracts and promises don't matter anymore.

Anonymous said...

I, too, loved Kriten Johnston. What a joy she is to watch. Anderson seems more relaxed when he's friends with his guests.


I agree that it's great that moms are taking initiative to get things done, however, I didn't like how the talk show executed the topic.

Anderson said he wanted to do the talk show to go more in-depth on topics than AC360 allowed him, yet he's still doing a multi-segment format - just with daytime topics. If he wanted to explore the topic with a variety of guests, then make it the topic for the hour and let those interested tune in. If he only wanted to devote 1/2 the show to the topic, then have one of the three moms on and tell her story. The constant referring people to the talk show website for more information says two things to me. #1 we don't want to devote enough time to fully develop this story/topic on air and #2 go to our website so we get more money from the people that advertise there. I turn on my TV to watch a program/be informed or entertained, not constantly be referred to a website.

I find myself turned off of the informational topics covered on 'Anderson' because they seem thrown together and not developed enough. Each guest is given maybe 5 minutes and then viewers are referred to the talk show website for more information.

Maybe some day the talk show will figure out what it wants to be, but now it seems like they are throwing a bunch of 5 minute segments/stories together and calling it a show and hoping that people visit their website, so they make money....

Anonymous said...

Anyone, anyone, anyone, who has great chemistry with Anderson, needs to be co-hosting his show.
He sure doesn't have the "right stuff," whatever that is, to do it himself.