Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anderson: Stars of Your Favorite Reality Shows: 'American Idol' Castoff, 'Long Island Medium,' & Niecy Nash

TOPIC: American Idol Castoff
Guest: Erika VanPelt, The latest "American Idol" cast-off

TOPIC: Long Island Medium
Guests: *Theresa Caputo, Psychic Medium, "Long Island Medium" on TLC
*Robyn & Stuart, Approached by Theresa as a market (from audience)
*Coleen, Says Theresa's reading changed her life (from audience)
*Frank, Victoria & Frank, Theresa's husband, daughter & son

TOPIC: Niecy Nash
Guests: *Niecy Nash, "Leave It To Niecy" on TLC
*Sharyl, struggling to balance job, 4 kids & pet

The funniest part of today's show came at the end. Also, in this video is Anderson's backstage cam ~

And this segment apparently was left on the cutting room floor ~

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's 'Anderson' wasn't very good. I think they need to rename the talk show "The TLC Promotional Hour". 2 of the 3 segments were about TLC shows. Is this what they fall back on because they can't book anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of American Idol, but both times Anderson has had the cast-off on the show, it's like they don't know what to do to the person. There has to be a gimmick or something. Why can't Anderson just let the guest talk about their experience?

I find that more and more the show is about what's coming up next, what's on tomorrow's show, what silly game can we get guest to play, let's give every guest a silly gift, etc. Has Anderson forgotten how to conduct a straight interview? I don't want to hear the audience ask questions, I don't want to see the audience's look of pain or outrage, etc. I want to hear Anderson authentically talk to his guests.

Can someone explain to me the reason for the mom and two daughters in the middle of the segment with Niecy Nash? I can't believe that Anderson couldn't talk to Niecy for 10 minutes without having to tell a "dime a dozen" mom's story of woe and then give her a spa day to make her life all better. Yikes!

Unless they plan to fire the entire staff, stating with Mr. "TLC" Terence, and start from scratch next fall; perhaps they should pull the plug over the summer and put everyone out of their misery?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11;21 PM - interesting post about "Anderson" especially because I've never watched a whole show and have only seen it in a few clips here on ATA.

Your information is distressing because we all know Anderson can be a smart and engaged interviewer. It really sounds like he's dumbing down for the daytime show..

Regarding Anderson's treatment of the "American Idol" contestant - didn't he recently have the 'DWTS" eliminated dancer on? Was the 'DWTS' person treated the same or was he/she allowed to talk mostly on the experience of the competition? I have a feeling Anderson is adding "gimmicks" to the interviews to hold the attention of viewers who don't watch "AI" or "DWTS" and he has to rev up the interviews in the hope of making them more entertaining.

I don't have any answers just a few observations. I don't know how to fix "Anderson" but agree all the TLC content is annoying.


Anonymous said...


'DWTS' has just started and 'Anderson' hasn't had the first eliminated contestant on yet - if they will. I had been boycotting 'DWTS' but decided to try again this season because of Sherri Shepard.

I'm not sure I believe they are using gimmicks to hold the attention of viewers who don't watch AI. Live with R&K and The View have never resorted to such gimmicks. They pretty much have the person talk about their experience and then preform for the audience. 'Anderson' has had neither Idol cast-off perform. If they don't think their viewers are interested in a particular guest, then don't book them, IMO.

The gimmicks seem to be more and more - silly games, the medium doing readings on audience members, etc. It's like they are throwing everything at the wall and hoping something sticks.

It's certainly not Anderson being the Anderson we used to see in his field reports and the occasional one-on-one more indepth interviews on AC360. I understand if he wants to flex different muscles, but with the talk show he seems to be flexing his "dumbed down" muscles and it's not very appealing to intelligent viewers.

I find myself actually watching very little of the talk show these days. I tune in for the guests I'm interested in and then mostly I'm disappointed because of the gimmicks and games, etc. in place of straight talk/conversation.

Unfortunately, I find that seeing daytime Anderson has made me lose respect for AC360 Anderson. Hopefully he can get out of the studio and do some good field reporting soon and get his mojo back.

Anonymous said...

You make a very good point.
The day show has made Anderson look like a silly fool, and his serious minded fans have lost respect for him on 360.
I'm one of them and I just can't stand looking at and viewing 360 anymore.
I want field Anderson back or no one at all.