Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Tuesday, Another Primary with AC360

Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer anchored the Mississippi and Alabama Republican Primaries

During the AC360 hour:
Magic wall: John King
CNN analysts: Candy Crowley, Gloria Borger and David Gergen
Pundit panel: Ari Fleischer, Hilary Rosen, Mary Matalin, Erick Erickson and Paul Begala
Birmingham, Alabama: Dana Bash
Pascagoula, Mississippi: Shannon Travis

Anderson interviewed Robert Gibbs (Sr. Advisor to Obama Campaign) Eric Fehrnstorm (Romney Sr. Adviser) , Vince Haley (Gingrich deputy campaign manager) and Peter Hamby (political reporter)

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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Anonymous said...

Seems like CNN tried to play around with their election center coverage last night, but it the end I found it too much "watch these numbers come in, watch convicts carry ballots, oh look more numbers from this county, etc." If Anderson "walked to the Cube" I missed it - so maybe he realized how stupid it looked after Jon Stewart "schooled him" and the virtual reality nonsense was gone, but replaced by much reality nonsense.

I'm getting the vibe that some anchors (other than maybe Wolf and John King) are losing interest in traveling to Atlanta and trying to fill too many hours of airtime with too little "news"...

I was happy to see them add in some other stories on Erin's show, and some interviews vs. pundit discussion. Especially since last night's panel included Mary Maitalin (I've lost respect for her) and Ari "overused" Fleischer.

I was disappointed in Anderson's interview with Robert Gibbs. Anderson obviously doesn't understand polling or has an anti-President Obama agenda or both. The Washington Post had a good article about the POTUS weekend poll drop that wasn't. The poll Anderson quoted was an outlier poll compared to the numerous polls taken over the weekend, but that was the one Anderson chose to use in his interview. At least Gibbs is converse in polling and was able to "school" Anderson on the matter; though Anderson gave off the impression he wasn't really listening, nor did he care what Gibbs had to say.

I was surprised when the press release said Erin would be live for the 11pmET hour and Anderson didn't do both hours as in the past. Was Anderson upset about not getting the second live hour? I got the feeling that Anderson was going through the motions during his AC360 Special Edition last night and was probably relieved that Santorum & Gingerich both gave speeches, and Wolf & John King were reporting results, in his hour of coverage. I noticed he didn't even stick around for the end of Gingerich's speech and do a toss to Erin, he just disappeared or maybe that's what CNN wanted....