Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A New Studio for Anderson


Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, which has been renewed for a second season, is moving to a new stage. The talker, which has originated from Jazz at Lincoln Center’s The Allen Room since its September launch, will be moving to the CBS Broadcast Center in New York. The show will take over the stage currently occupied by another daytime syndicated strip, The Nate Berkus Show, which will wrap its run at the end of this season. Anderson producers had been looking for a more traditional studio. “We are focused on Anderson being topical and featuring the stories, the newsmakers and the celebrities that everyone is talking about which plays directly to Anderson’s strengths as a journalist and his ability to give viewers the context and depth to be in the know,” Anderson executive producer Terence Noonan said. “At CBS, we will have a dedicated studio that will allow us to tape on a daily basis and turn around the shows the next day or to go live when warranted giving the show the sense of urgency to be appointment television.” The show will continue to be taped in front of a live studio audience.

We're confused and wondering what the above means for 'Anderson', AC360 and Anderson Cooper. When Ken Jautz, head of CNN domestic, talked to the NY Times last September he said the reason, actually he said the ‘only’ reason Cooper would be able to handle the talk show and anchoring AC360 was that CNN “made it logistically easy.” The article implied that the proximity of the two staffs and the studios (both within the Time Warner Center) made this new venture for Cooper possible. Also added to the mix is some staff cross over and the talk show's use the AC360 control room.

What happened? Now that the talk show is moving to the CBS Broadcast Center (a few blocks away from the Time Warner building) does it mean CNN is no longer interested in making things ‘easy’ for Mr. Cooper to continue in daytime?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe CNN is making it easier for Anderson to leave CNN. Anderson seems more interested in and puts more effort into his talk show.

Anonymous said...

The producers want the new studio, what the public wants to see, Anderson the journalist - merely spin to hide the fact something is up.

It was said a few years ago that CNN and CBS were going to merge, but it never happened. Oh well, I don't watch 360 anymore and the talk show IS NOT geared toward me - I don't like useless celebs like SJP or Seinfeld. Get Clooney or Mia on to talk about Darfur and the Sudan and maybe I'll watch.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3/7/12 9:51 AM : Unfortunately, Anderson is actually FRIENDS with SJP and Seinfeld and Kathy Griffin, that is why he has them on. I remember when he said he had only 2 friends and Molly was one of them.

Anonymous said...

I think something is going to happen---either Anderson's talk show is dropped, or his CNN show is dropped, or he drops from exhaustion.

Unknown said...

Inevitably...there may be unaddressed tension as AC so easily (at least as it appears to others) segues between AC360 and the talk show. Some of the support people AC's working with are probably wondering who's clock they're really on in the course of AC's schedule. The merge of CNN and CBS is beside the point.

Anonymous said...

Is the CBS Broadcast Center the place on West 57th Street? That's not too far away from CNN at Columbus Circle. But of course even with email and virtual conferences, it's still easier to deal with people face to face if they're in the same building.

I don't have a problem with the current "Anderson" studio; it's beautiful and I love the windows. Does "Anderson" have the place only part-time? Is that why Terence Noonan says with the new place they can tape daily?

The real question is - will the change in studios really affect the content of the show that much? Hmmm...


Unknown said...

You starts out like a honeymoon or celebration since it's the first season of the talk show...but then it gets to a daily grind of working for two different shows. Maybe one too many talk show related phone calls have been taken by CNN staff or vice versa.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the change in studio is money driven - you know the wonderful studio in TWC is much pricier than the smaller studio in the CBS broadcast center. They also seem to be having trouble filling the Allen Room and the CBS studio is smaller. I looked at the schedule for the Allen Room events and it seems like there are only two days in the next two months that would interfere with talk show tapings, so that's an excuse, IMO.

I'm not sure it's CNN trying to make it easier for Anderson to leave CNN as much as the talk show trying to make him choose. I think they would like his full attention as the show isn't doing that well... IMO, it needs more than his attention, it needs to be geared towards his true interests and have more intelligent guests. Right now it's dumbed down mommy topics and nothing makes it stand out as 'Anderson'. To be 'Anderson', Cooper needs to be more authentic vs. playing the role of talk show host some producer/writer thinks he should be for mass appeal.

Anderson would be a fool to choose a talk show that could very well not be renewed for a third year over CNN, where he's their highest rated anchor. If he wants out of news, then why try to do both jobs? I think he wants it all, but is coming to the realization that's just not possible.

I'm sure CNN was expecting an increased audience with the talk show giving Anderson more exposure. The problem is the intelligence level/topics on the talk show. If anything, I think the talk show is hurting his credibility as a newsman and losing viewers for AC360. Some field reporting might help in that regard, as it seems to be where his true talent shines and his passion comes through.

While it's true, he hasn't done any field reporting since the talk show began, he also hasn't done any promotion for the talks show since October. He seems to be showing up on taping days and reading the promoter, nothing more.

All this makes me wonder how happy Anderson is and where his interests truly lie. I guess time will tell.


On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

With the talk show moving to another studio out of the Time Warner Center I think its going to force Anderson to make a choice, the talk show or 360. I think its going to be very hard for him to do both shows everyday and run between 2 studios in different buildings.

Anonymous said...

I was able to catch Ellen today, I'm usually not around and really enjoyed it. Her audience seemed to be the type that wouldn't need an applause sign or prompting. I have often thought what if someone in Anderson's audience just sat there not clapping and looking bored and was accidentally caught on camera what would happen? I loved Ellen's show, she seems so relaxed and comfortable with the whole situation and seemed to be really interested in everything because she was and not because she thought she had to be.

Anonymous said...

The Allen Room is far too costly to used for such a mediocre show.
Yes, they are having a problem filling seats but of course this is a secret.
So moving the show to a smaller venue will look as though there is more of a crowd seeing a mediocre talk show host turned journalist or is it a journalist who became a talk show host.
Showing Anderson with Andy Cohen, really makes you wonder if Anderson wishes he WERE Cohen who is doing very well at Bravo because he has really put Bravo programming on the map with his venture into the Housewives series.

Anonymous said...

Having always been an Ellen fan, I never realized how really capable she was until I viewed Anderson.
Now I realize the talent this woman has and I value her even more.
She's a rare gem.
Thank you Anderson.

Suzanne said...

If it comes down to a choice I hope Anderson chooses CNN; I don't enjoy the talk show very much because my image of AC is that of a very good sharp reporter who goes to where the news is and brings you an inside view of it that you wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

The talk show is not generally about anything you really need to know, but his CNN program is. His credibility as a reporter is suffering and probably CNN sees that - I just hope if CNN only wants him to do one show they give him the choice and doesn't make the choice for him. He's not a good talk show host (and that will be more evident when all the new ones that are planned come on) but he can be a magnificent reporter when he is not distracted. I'd like to see that Anderson again.

Anonymous said...

Since Anderson is moving to a new studio without that fabulous view maybe CNN could use its magic wand and create a virtual window just as they created a virtual convention. I know the studio is at CBS, but I'm sure that as long as CNN would foot the bill they wouldn't mind, lol.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Anderson was renewed is because of its connection with TLC.
If it hadn't been for that, he'd be canceled.
So no, I don't think he should have a choice.
The choice should be made for him.
He has chosen the wrong path on his own already.