Saturday, March 31, 2012

Next Week on Anderson 4/20/12

Next week 'Anderson' is in reruns. To view our rundown of the first airing just click on the title.

Monday, April 2: Janet Jackson
Tuesday, April 3: Wives Who Kill Abusive Husbands
Wednesday, April 4: Madonna,
Thursday, April 5: Women in Love with Prisoners
Friday, April 6: Dolly Parton & the Human Lie Detector

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone is going on vacation.

Anonymous said...

Someone on Twitter said he was in Brazil. I know you can't always belive Twitter but sometimes it's right.

Anonymous said...

Talk show re-runs don't always mean vacation. Anderson is taped so he could really be gone any time if he has enough shows in the can. A lot of talk shows have been showing weeks of repeats once February sweeps finished.

That said, I'm guessing he is on vacation. AC360 was pre-taped Thursday night and was replaced Friday night by a CNN special. Next week is a "special series" and those are often done on weeks when Anderson is on vacation. I think it's an attempt to keep viewers tuning in and it makes things easier for the sub if there's some prepackaged segments to fill time. I, also, think the "special series" will be re-run as a special next Friday. It's Good Friday and also a AC360 trademark to package "special series" into a Friday night special.

Anderson hasn't had a vacation from AC360 since the holidays. He's certainly entitled to his time off and I hope he has a nice relaxing time, wherever he chooses to spend it.

Anonymous said...

I hope Anderson has a fun and relaxing time in Brazil or just hanging around the firehouse or whatever he does on vacation.

Who here among ATA will watch any of the "Anderson" repeats? I still love Anderson the guy but I don't need to see any of these shows.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone has been on vacation the entire year.

bummed Vancouverite said...

Does anyone on the ATA team know why Anderson's Vancouver talk on April 5th was cancelled? I had second row tickets and am totally bummed out the show is cancelled! Thanks in advance for any insight you may have!

Anonymous said...

Why "pay" to see Anderson, when you can see him free in NYC??
Right about now, I wouldn't be surprised if he can't fill seats,
even for his day show.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody on this "Anderson" fan site actually like Anderson. All I see our insults in this comment section. I am going to stick up for him - I think Anderson Cooper is the best journalist around.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:31AM

I think most people on this fan site do like Anderson the journalist. However, Anderson the talk show host, not so much.

I miss the man that took off to the far corners of the world at the drop of a hat to tell people's stories; the Anderson that left in the middle of an expanded AC360 the day of the Haiti earthquake to catch a flight out and was the first journalist on the ground and stayed three weeks and then was back again two weeks later telling people's stories.

When Anderson announced his talk show deal I was looking forward to an intelligent daytime show. Unfortunately, somewhere between the announcement/concept and the actual show - Anderson sold out to the silly/redundant topics of daytime. In the process, especially since Terence Noonan took over as Executive Producer and pushes so much promotion of TLC programming, I've started losing respect for Anderson the journalist.

Looking at his Twitter feed these days, he seems much more into promoting and "talking" to those who compliment his daytime program and AC360 and his "newsie" fans seem to be an after-thought. I understand he has a lot on his plate, but he's the one that took on a second full time job and said it wouldn't have any effect on AC360. I understand people wanting new challenges, but Anderson needs to realize he can't do it all and focus on doing one thing well.

Last summer he announced he would be expanding his 60 Minutes segments from four to six this year. So far he's had two segments air, and he's not going to get his usual four segments in at this pace. Has he traveled to do a field report since the talk show began, no, but he has traveled to promote the talk show and didn't travel to the last CNN debate, but did attend Oscar weekend events three days later.

Do I still like and admire Anderson the journalist, yes. Do I still watch AC360, yes. Do I watch his segments on 60 Minutes, yes. Do I like and admire Anderson the talk show host, no. Do I consider him to be a sell out for daytime ratings, yes.

I'm still hoping the talk show goes away and Anderson gets his journalism mojo back.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:45 my feelings exactly. There was a time Anderson spent 6 weeks in the ME and then went back after being home and doing Katrina Anniversary coverage. I like everyone else waited for his reports, now I watch the clock to see when 360 will be over. I had hoped that the new producer would have made a difference, but what did he bring ideas from TLC to promote their shows.

OK off my soapbox.

Dee Dee

Anonymous said...

@1:45--I think you summed it up very well for the rest of us. My hope for the future is this: he chose to do what he is doing now. His ratings are not good on either 360 or the daytime show. He can fix whatever became broken and be the journalist we all came to admire.

Anonymous said...

Yes that was an excellent summary.

I too have never waited for news reports until Anderson.

I hope that he realizes he is involved in too many shows and figures out what he does best.

Anonymous said...

The Anderson we all liked and admired has virtually disappeared.
In his place we have a pompous know it all who jumps from one arena to another out of shear whim.
How many of us can jump from one career to another just because it suits us?? And need we forget "the mole??"
No, my admiration left when Anderson chose to be with Madonna instead of President Obama many years ago.
He WAS the best journalist.
No longer.