Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Series 4/22/12

This appearance of Anderson Cooper on Live with Regis & Kelly was his last appearance co-hosting on the syndicated talk show. Soon after it was announced Anderson would be hosting his own talk show in the Fall of 2011. Part of this program only featured Kelly because Anderson taped in advance before heading to the Gulf Coast.

Here's the clip of Host Chat ~

Next up was Spring Fling Trivia-A-Go-Go ~

Kristen Davis stopped by t0 chat with Anderson & Kelly about her new movie, Sex & The City 2 ~

And here's part 2 of her interview ~

While this segment featured Kelly at Soul Cycle, Anderson was in for the intro ~

Today began Live's Grilling Friday's "Fire House Cook-Off." Kelly taped the segment with this week's cook, but Anderson was in for the audience voting, modeling some different glasses, and announcing the contenders to appear on next Friday's edition of Live ~

For today's extras -- Anderson modeled his glasses for the audiencce and asked Kelly's opinion. He apparently has two pair. The looked to be the same frame to me, just a different color?

Kelly thought the frames were all wrong for him and offered to go with him to pick out different frames. Gellman suggested that maybe that could be a future Live segment? Throughout the show they had Anderson trying on different styles of glasses, beginning with Art's!

And ending with Kelly's!

In the end, Anderson seemed to prefer the one's he picked out.

AC360 Transcript

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Anderson thought his entire dayshow would be like the host chat and than guest time, and then some games.
What he forgot was the most important ingredient, Kelly.
Kelly made the mistake of always praising him on air so he began to believe he too could do this.
What was so hard?
Regis didn't do that with Kelly.
It took a while for the two of them to blend and so far she has proven her worth, unlike Anderson.

The ATA Team said...

The hot rumor on Twitter is 'Anderson' will have Kristen Johnston co-host during sweeps week. No confirmation yet.

Anonymous said...

I wish Anderson would cancel his daytime talk show and just join Kelly as co-host for Live! with Kelly & Anderson, that way he can get the opportunity to travel around the world again for CNN reporting and Kelly can hold the fort down with a guest co-host.

Anonymous said...

No co-host can save him.
His ego wouldn't let any host get in the way.
And as far as "co-hosting" with Kelly, permanently, it will never happen because DISNEY DOESN'T WANT HIM.
And guess what? They were right.
Alone he has zero skills as host and together, his fate was already decided.
He isn't Bravo's Andy Cohen with
great ideas captalizing on women's
obsession in talking and belittling each other. Brilliant.
Now Andy Cohen and Kelly...that may work.
Andy Cohen has what it Anderson has no vision and in time he must fess up to this fact and just be a journalist.