Wednesday, April 18, 2012

AC360 For Wednesday April 18th

DICK CLARK DEAD OF A HEART ATTACK Suffered a stroke in 2004, impairing his speech: Report by Kareen Wynter
Follow up interviews with Aretha Franklin and Little Richard

DICK CLARK DEAD OF A HEART ATTACK Created "American Bandstand" in 1956: Discussion with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

DICK CLARK DEAD OF A HEART ATTACK Broadcast legend was 82: Report by Tom Foreman
Continued discussion with Andy Cohen, Aretha Franklin and Little Richard

DICK CLARK DEAD OF A HEART ATTACK Nicknamed "America's oldest living teenager": Interview with Berry Gordy
Continued discussion with Andy Cohen

SECRET SERVICE PROSTITUTION SCANDAL Three agency members are leaving: Report by Fran Townsend
Continued discussion with William Neuman

WOMAN CHARGED WITH MURDER IN BABY ABDUCTION Newborn's mother was shot dead in parking lot: Report by Ed Lavandera

DICK CLARK DEAD OF A HEART ATTACK Broadcast legend was 82: A Look back at Dick Clark

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Anonymous said...

Dick Clark had a groundbreaking TV show, very influential for it's time. He was a swell guy and I'm sorry he's gone. Anderson devoted over half of 360 to discuss Dick Clark.

I'd guess it was a slow news day but Anderson never even mentioned the Zimmerman judge removing herself from the case. His lawyer, O'Mara, requested this yesterday and it was the lead story with over 15 minutes on it. Today the judge leaves and no mention of this at all?

I wanted to double-check the report about the mom who was shot for her infant son. A shocking and sad tragedy but it's not anywhere on the front page. (And the transcripts for 360's 4/18 show aren't posted yet.) Just makes me wonder why this story was included when there was other news that was perhaps more relevant - the Zimmerman judge, GSA, Ted Nugent or Hillary Clinton or ?

I know this looks a little flaky, me saying 'very sad for Clark and his family and very sad for the family of that mom' and then ranting about their coverage. It's just that I find 360's story selection puzzling sometimes and Wednesday was one of those times.


aries moon said...

Losing Dick Clark AND Soul Train's Don Cornelius this year is so sad--I grew up watching both of their shows and have so many fond memories of being excited to see my favorite performers on their shows. It seemed like Dick Clark had been around forever--I always found his voice and overall presence very comforting. He really left a huge legacy, he's an American original and icon. It was also fantastic to hear Anderson talking to the legendary Aretha Franklin, Berry Gordy and Little Richard about Clark, they seemed to hold him in very high esteem and Anderson seemed to enjoy the interview with them. It was also nice to see AC's friend Andy Cohen on the show, I'm not sure if Cohen has ever made an appearance on 360 before.

Although there was other news that could've been included (I do hope AC covers the repulsive Ted Nugent and his Secret Service meeting), I was kind of relieved to get away from Zimmerman, political pundits, etc., on 360 and just listen to AC and his guests discuss Dick Clark--judging by how AC was talking on 360 and TSR, I had the impression that he wanted to conduct his business and perhaps personal life in the same manner as Dick Clark did over the years--I know many people here don't believe Anderson's up to the task of doing more than one job well, but I can see what he's trying to go after overall--he's ambitious and wants to reach for something even though it may not be working out the way he and his audience wants.

Anonymous said...

Dick Clark and Anderson can't be together in the same sentence.
Dick Clark was an ORIGINAL. We remember him because he integrated his show by having diversity, in a time when diversity was totally unacceptable.
The broadway show "Hair Spray" was in part, a reproduction of happenings in the early 60's and a "take" on pop culture in a time when integration of races was first being introduced.
The "host" in Hair Spray was supposedly the "Dick Clark" we knew
and were familiar with.
The backdrop was Baltimore, where Clark broadcasted his first show, "American Bandstand."
Few have even mentioned this.
Is Anderson doing something like this: integrating races and being original???? duh
It perplexes me how smart commenters can be duped to that extent.