Wednesday, April 25, 2012

AC360 on Wednesday April 25th

KEEPING THEM HONEST: Romney's Immigration Record: Report by Anderson Cooper
Follow up discussion with Paul Begala and Bay Buchanan

JOHN EDWARDS ON TRIAL: Report by Anderson Cooper
Follow up discussion with Bob Woodruff and Joe Johns

KEEPING THEM HONEST: Mad cow concerns: Report by Anderson Cooper
Discussion with Sanjay Gupta and Elisa Odabashian

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

91 YEAR OLD D.C. SOCIALITE MURDERED Husband charged with 1st degree murder: Report by Tom Foreman
Follow up discussion with Jeffrey Toobin

360 BULLETIN: Isha Sesay

THE RIDICULIST: Salahi Scoffers

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Anonymous said...

Paul Begala had a good debate with Bay Buchanan who was trying to make sense of Romney's immigration policy. The two-person panels work better than three-person ones.

The best part of Wednesday's 360 was the report about John Edwards and Anderson talking to Bob Woodruff and Joe Johns. A smart discussion concerning Edwards' trial and great to see Woodruff on the show.

The report about Viola Drath's murder puzzled me. Why have a segment on this now? A mildly interesting story for crime buffs but if 360 wanted a story that pulled at the heartstrings Anderson could have had a segment about the autistic boy being bullied by his teachers.

The Ridiculist didn't really interest me but I liked the banter between Anderson and Isha about beards. Anderson, regarding him growing a beard, said "It doesn't work." But Isha thought he could be a youthful Santa with a beard. I think Anderson would look awesome with a goatee, like an evil mad scientist.


aries moon said...

If Bay Buchanan doesn't like Romney being called a liar, maybe she should advise him to stop lying, because that's what he's been doing throughout his entire campaign--politicians who lie are nothing new or surprising, but Romney's lies are on a whole other level of dishonesty and there's plenty of evidence out there to prove it. Romney only stands for what he thinks will get him elected, he has no principles or integrity--it's no surprise that the conservative base doesn't trust him. Instead of so much focus on the John Edwards trial, which could be covered with daily updates, 360 should be looking into the extremist policies Romney supported, his backers and his questionable record at Bain.