Thursday, April 12, 2012

Anderson: 'American Idol,' & Obsessed with Lifelike Baby Dolls. Plus, Edie Falco.

TOPIC: Obsessed With Lifelike Dolls
Guests: *Marilyn, Collects "Reborn" dolls
*Becky, Has YouTube videos with dolls
*Steve, Mom, Lynn, was an original reborn doll maker (from audience)
*Lynn, Makes "Reborn" dolls
*Dr. Michelle Callahan, Psychologist and author

TOPIC/Guest: Edie Falco

TOPIC/Guest: American Idol Cast-Off, Deandre Brackensick

Anderson follows up on a previous guest that was arrested & the backstage cam ~

Web Extra: Edie Falco Answers 'Anderson's' Quiz ~

And the 'Anderson' Cabbage Patch doll was in today's audience ~

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Today's 'Anderson' wasn't too bad. I liked the interview with Edie Falco, that was interesting.

The women with the life like babies are weird and those babies are disgusting and creepy looking. It was interesting though to hear the women talk abut why they like the dolls.

The guy from Idol is an idiot. I really can't believe that he has no idea who the Go-Go's are. At 17 I knew who the Go-Go's were.

I love that the cabbage patch kid was in the audience!

Anonymous said...

The 'Anderson' Cabbage Patch doll looks more like Newt Gingrich. Or Chris Matthews. Or what the child the two of them would have if they could mate with each other.


Anonymous said...

There are only two actors, both of whom are women, who I would watch in anything, one is Meryl Streep and the other is Edie Falco.
I give Anderson credit for saying "Edie could never get better," because, like Meryl, you utterly forget they are acting.
They become their characters to such an extent, that they literally embody their souls.
Anderson should have given the entire first half of the program to this star instead of pairing Edie with "headless dolls," or whatever his silly topic of the day was.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Edie Falco's interview, but it was way too short.

Too much time was given to the creepy doll topic. I certainly didn't need a psychologist to tell me those ladies had issues. Once again, the need to promote TLC seems to be the priority.

I felt bad for the AI cast-off. He seemed to be an afterthought and Anderson made himself the focus of the segment.

I was happy to see Anderson acknowledge the arrest of a previous guest, but he didn't say why the videos and evidence of her appearance were taken off the talk show website.


Anonymous said...

"Anderson follows up on a previous guest that was arrested...."

Assuming that the previous guest was a human, it's grammatically correct (& polite) to refer to "a previous guest WHO was arrested".