Monday, April 16, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 4/16/12

NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN THE TRAYVON MARTIN CASE: Anderson Cooper talks with Mark O'Mara (Zimmerman attorney)
Legal follow up with Mark Geragos and Sunny Hostin

SECRET SERVICE SEX SCANDAL: Jessica Yellin reporting
Anderson interview with Ronald Kessler, author of 'In the President's Secret Service'

Interview with Dr. Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN

Follow up report by Gary Tuchman and discussion with Isha Sesay



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Anonymous said...

I have not seen 360 in many weeks, except for the occasional view of Marcia Clark updates on the Trayvon Martin case.
Tonite I tuned in and Isha and AC were discussing Pippa and how she was being targeted against her will by the British Press.
Well, I'm not British and really, with all the rain there, maybe this is the only person left on Earth to hound, but I've not given Pippa one small thought.
I don't see what all the fuss is about.
She seems rather normal to me. Granted she's well connected through marriage to the Heirs of the British Monarchy but as far as looks, she's well ordinary.
Americans like action, not inaction, and attractiveness.
Yes, she's attractive, but no more attractive than the average person I saw on the street the other day.
If I saw her tomorrow getting the mail wearing her sunglasses, I probably wouldn't give her a second look.
Please tell me what the fuss is about because to me the only interesting thing about this person, is her name..

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I really liked the piece about Pippa Middleton. It was interesting and I liked that Richard Quest was on too.

Anonymous said...

Monday's 360 had a few great moments but if I ran the show the report about the Secret Service guys visiting prostitutes would have come first. And I would have given it more time specifically so Ronald Kessler could talk more, he had a great perspective.

The story about Zimmerman's lawyer wanting a different judge didn't need to be first and didn't need to be so long. I would have taken a couple minutes off of this story and given them to Kessler.

Anderson had a great discussion with Ambassador Rice; she's someone Senators McCain and Lieberman need to listen to, she knows how complicated the Mideast is and how disastrous U.S. intervention could be. I also liked her refuting what Romney said about Obama basically enabling evil North Korea.

Pippa Middleton's problems was a fun report because I really enjoy listening to Richard Quest. It was actually endearing how Anderson chatted with Isha about Pippa. Isha's a former Brit, isn't she?

The Shot of the baby leopard was adorable but I'm already fed up with puns about petty theft regarding Tom Petty's stolen guitars.

Anderson appeared to be more "with it" and fully engaged in the interviews. I also enjoyed not seeing the usual political pundits on the show.


aries moon said...

FINALLY Anderson has on someone from the Obama Administration to give a realistic, thoughtful perspective on Syria--it was clear that Ambassador Rice is fully aware of the pitfalls, risks and consequences of taking on Assad--she knows that Syria cannot be approached in the same manner as Libya. I'm sure McCain and Lieberman are sincere in their desire to take out Assad and liberate the Syrian people, but as Jaanza correctly stated--they should listen to Ambassador Rice, she knows whereof she speaks. Rice's Romney smackdown on Korea was excellent.

Mark Sullivan needs to be removed as Director of the Secret Service, the Salahis debacle and now Colombia, he clearly isn't up to the job, if the Secret Service doesn't handle this, President Obama needs to step in and put on the pressure.

No pundit Monday was very refreshing and the interviews were all the better for it. The only thing interesting about Pippa for me was that gown she wore at the wedding, which remains fabulous.