Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday, April 26, 2012

BREAKING NEWS, ZIMMERMAN RAISES $200,000 ONLINE, Def. Atty. claims he learned about this yesterday: Report by Anderson Cooper

BREAKING NEWS, ZIMMERMAN RAISES $200,000 ONLINE, Prosecution wanted $1million bond: Anderson's interview with Mark O'Mara, George Zimmerman's attorney

BREAKING NEWS, ZIMMERMAN RAISES $200,000 ONLINE, At bond hearing atty. claimed client unable to pay legal bills: Anderson's follow up with Mark Geragos & Sunny Hostin

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Foreign Policy Finger-Pointing: Report by Anderson Cooper

THE FOREIGN POLICY FIGHT, Does either party have a political advantage on world issues?: Anderson's follow up with Hilary Rosen & Ari Fleischer

JOHN EDWARDS ON TRIAL: Report by Anderson Cooper

EDWARDS'S LAWYER ACCUSES FORMER AIDE OF SHAKEDOWN, Money at the crux of Edward's trial: Anderson's follow up with Joe Johns

KEEPING THEM HONEST, Teachers Turned Bullies: Report by Anderson Cooper

DAD CLAIMS CHILD BULLIED BY SCHOOL STAFFERS, Wired his son to record audio of school day: Anderson's follow up interview with Stuart Chaifetz (Put wire on son to record verbal abuse - son is autistic) & Areva Martin, Disability Rights Attorney and Children's Advocate



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Anonymous said...

Yesterday I suggested 360 could do a whole segment on the autistic boy bullied by school aides and today they do it. What a cowinkydink.

There was a good mix of stories in Thursday's show. The talk with Zimmerman's lawyer again dragged a bit.

During Isha's first Bulletin, when she was saying something about "Osama's" tapes and we saw a clip of Osama bin Laden watching TV, I swear the headline on the screen read "Obama's tapes..." If it didn't they have to change the typeface so 'B" and "S" don't look so similar.