Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 4/10/12

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN'S LAWYERS OFF THE CASE: Anderson Cooper spoke with Attorneys Hal Uhrig and Craig Sonner
Legal follow up: Mark Geragos, Jose Baez and Sunny Hostin

RAW POLITICS, THE RACE IS OVER: Anderson Cooper reporting on Santorum campaign news
Political follow up: Paul Begala, Ari Fleischer and Dana Bash

KEEPING THEM HONEST, SYRIAN DEADLY DECEIT: Anderson spoke by phone with Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman about the situation in Syria

CHARLES MANSON UP FOR PAROLE: Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi spoke by phone with Anderson

SON OF MANSON: Miguel Marquez reporting

THE RIDICULIST: Anyone who missed Dyngus Day


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Anonymous said...

It was a good 360 on Tuesday. I knew the big stories were going to be Zimmerman's lawyers and Santorum "suspending" his campaign. The discussion with Mark Geragos was lively because he was so fired up about the "train wreck" of Zimmerman's ex-lawyers talking to the media. You could hardly say Baez and Hostin were part of the panel because they barely got time to speak.

The panel discussion about Santorum was dull in comparison.

Senators McCain and Lieberman want something done to help the activists/rebels/freedom fighters in Syria. But they didn't have a lot of details on exactly how that would be done. How would Leiberman get arms to the rebels? How would he feel if a foreign country decided to help the anti-government groups in rural Idaho? As horrible as the situation is in Syria, I believe the U.S. shouldn't get involved because any involvement will have ugly consequences.

Why wasn't the story about Manson up for parole and his possible son boiled down to a few sentences in the Bulletin? Maybe a short segment on Manson but why should I care about the alleged son? This was the only "huh?" segment in an otherwise better than average 360.

Sorry to hear 360's numbers are down. You'd think Anderson would get a bump in the ratings after Olbermann and Current quit each other.


aries moon said...

Geragos was really stunned and appalled by Zimmerman's ex-lawyer's actions--he could barely stop himself from talking over the other guests and Anderson. I'm curious about the big announcement about the case that's coming down soon.

Jaanza makes a good point about the lack of details given by Lieberman regarding the arming of Syrian rebels--there is much to take into consideration when making the sort of decision to go into a conflict and take on someone like Assad and we aren't privy to all the plans that are being discussed. It's easy to stand in judgment of those who do have to make a tough decision like that when the consequences don't fall on your head. Anderson could do a better job of questioning folks like McCain and Lieberman on this issue.