Friday, April 13, 2012

Anderson Cooper, AC360, Friday, April 13, 2012

Anderson pre-taped tonight's edition of AC360 earlier in the day, but Isha Sesay was holding down the fort and had a live News & Business Bulletin ~

MISSISSIPPI PARDON MESS, Pardoned for third DUI while jailed for suspected fourth: Report by Ed Lavandera
MISSISSIPPI PARDON MESS, A Mother's Anguish: Cooper's interview with Linda Smith, Mother of Charity Smith (recorded Tuesday)

DEFENDING GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, O'Mara says Zimmerman is very stressed: Anderson Cooper's phone interview with Mark O'Mara, Zimmerman's Attorney (recorded Thursday)

REMEMBERING TRAYVON MARTIN, His older brother speaks out: Sunny Hostin's interview with Jahvaris Fulton

GUNNING FOR VOTES, Rommey to NRA, (President) Obama waging "assault on our freedoms": Anderson's discussion with Donna Brazile and Erick Erickson

DEEP BRAIN STIMULATION FOR DEPRESSION, Woman credits experimental treatment with saving her life: Report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta and follow up with Cooper

360 NEWS & BUSINESS BULLETIN: Isha Sesy (Live)

THE RIDICULIST: Texting While Walking

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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aries moon said...

Kind of odd that Friday's show wasn't live since he just came back from vacation--maybe he had another assignment.

Anonymous said...

I was going to watch all of 360 because I had nothing else to do Friday evening (that's what happens when you stay married too long).

Anderson's interview with Linda Smith was so sad and heartbreaking. I hope she gets some answers soon and justice for her daughter.

Then there was a commercial break. During the break I looked around the TV channels and found 'O Brother Where Art Thou' and 'Casablanca'. 'O Brother' was on AMC and they had fun pop-ups at the bottom of the screen with fun facts about the movie. And 'Casablanca' was just as good as it's always been.

So I only sporadically checked in with Anderson after that.

So the show was taped earlier. Of course Anderson likes to check out early on a Friday and get started on his weekend. Everybody does. Most of the time that's okay because nothing much happens on a Friday... most of the time. While enjoying both movies I also wondered what CNN would do if a big news event happened during 360's taped show. Maybe a big earthquake in Alaska or a Supreme Court justice in a bad car accident or ... who knows?

Isha would handle it and handle it well but some viewers would wonder why Anderson wasn't delivering the breaking news during 360. I used to never notice if a 360 was live or not and there has to be many viewers still in that boat.

I've seen 'O Brother' and 'Casablanca' several times but, after the first segment, there was nothing on 360 compelling enough to stay there. I even forgot to watch the Ridiculist. Was that a repeat? I think Anderson did 'Texting While Walking' already.


Anonymous said...

What kind of news program is taped??? no wonder his ratings are down.

Claire said...

An hour ago Anderson tweeted that he is in London taping a segment for 60 Minutes. Explains the taped show last night.

Anonymous said...

Anderson tweeted he's in London for 60Minutes, so now we know why he didn't anchor last night, but why didn't CNN get a sub? In the past when Anderson has traveled for 60Minutes, he took a vacation day and 360 had a sub anchor with a live show.

Most of last night's show was news from earlier in the week. Only one segment was about news that happened yesterday - that was the Mitt Romney one about guns. All the other stories were old and just thrown together to make a show; kind of like what the talk show seems to do.

CNN has real problems, if this is their idea of an acceptable prime time news program, but I think we all know that. CNN has deteriorated to the point that AC360 is the only program I still watch. I guess I keep hoping Anderson will get his reporter mojo back, but maybe that won't happen until CNN "fixes" the network as a whole.

- Jenn

Anonymous said...

Sadly I didn't even notice the show was taped and years ago, that would have been the first thing I'd have commented about.
It's gotten so, I really could care less whether AC is here or he isn't.
The program is a big fat disappointment either way.