Thursday, April 05, 2012

Anderson Cooper, AC360, Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wolf Blitzer was in the AC360 anchor chair again Thursday night, for the vacationing Anderson Cooper.

Here's the third installment of Anderson's 'Kids On Race' series ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

I was disappointed in Thursday's 360. There was more about Zimmerman's 911 call and what he says or doesn't say with the exrutiatingly fuzzy audiotape. At least the discussion afterwards was pretty good but I didn't like Boyd Watkins' idea of boycotting the entire town of Sanford for the actions of a few.

The report and discussion about President Obama's problems with the Supreme Court should have come next or even first.

I didn't understand why the story of the two Florida men was the second story, a very important story to some people, yes, but except to portray Florida as a place with possibly corrupt police, why did it get so much prominance on 360?

Also, the story about the suddenly widowed woman landing the plane was mildly interesting but went on way too long.

The story about the spendy GSA employees and their trip to Las Vegas is big news elsewhere even elsewhere on CNN. But seemingly no mention of it on 360. Wolf could have easily repeated a report about this from his own Situation Room.

The news story selection for 360 wasn't this bad on Monday and Wednesday. What happened for Thursday's show?


aries moon said...

I wonder how they determine who fills in for who at CNN--I've only seen Anderson fill in for Larry King and in the early years of 360, Aaron Brown. It's weird to see Wolf filling in for Anderson since he's got so much seniority there, but I guess the primetime anchors don't fill in for the early birds because I've never seen Anderson subbing for Wolf.

Anonymous said...

Anderson doesn't fill in for anybody...ever.
It's beneath him.
The only reason he subbed for Larry was because it gave him practice in hosting skills, something he still lacks.