Monday, April 16, 2012

Anderson: Daytime Exclusive: George Zimmerman's Friend Speaks. Sherri Shepherd, Natalie Morales and Fran Drescher

TOPIC/Guest DWTS Cast-Off Sherri Shepherd

TOPIC: Daytime Exclusive
Guests: Frank Taaffe, Supports George Zimmerman

TOPIC: Natalie Morales
Guests:*Natalie Morales, Host, "My Kid Would Never Do That"
*Alison, Her son trusted a stranger (from audience)
*Amy, Her son trusted a stranger (from audience)
*Julia, Refused to get on ice cream truck
*Dennis, Daughter refused stranger's request

TOPIC/Guest Fran Drescher

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1 comment:

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I LOVED the interview with Fran Drescher. I love The Nanny and Happily Divorced. I was glad to see that she was on for a good part of the show. One of the best segments of the show. Glad AC had her on.

I could have done without The Natalie Morales segment. It wasn't the least bit interesting.

The interview with Zimmerman's friend should have been on tomorrow's show it would fit right in. It was out of place today.