Thursday, April 19, 2012

Anderson: Daytime Exclusive: Susan Powell's Family / Extreme Moms

TOPIC: Daytime Exclusive, Susan Powell Case
Guests: *Denise Cox, Susan Powell's sister
*Chuck and Judy Cox, Susan Powell's parents (via satellite from Seattle, WA)
*Anne Bremner, Cox family attorney

TOPIC: Daytime Exclusive, Husband Hired Hitman
Guests: *Catherine Crier, Former judge & legal analyst, Author, "Patriot Acts"
*Susan Walters, Killed hit man hired by her husband
*Sgt. Rich Austria, Investigated Susan Walter's case (via Skype)

TOPIC: "CSI Experience"
Guests: Alice Maceo, Forensic Specialist

TOPIC: Extreme Moms
Guests: *Cheryl, Obsessed with bodybuilding
*Susan, Obsessed with cosmetic procedures
*Rachel, Upset about mom's bodybuilding obsession
*Analise, Upset about mom's cosmetic procedures
*Dr. Robyn Silverman, Body image expert

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I don't understand the obsession with husbands who kill their wives. This is like the 2nd or 3rd time this has been a topic.

The last topic about obsessive moms was out of place. I wonder who picks the stories that will be on each show. They always seem so random.

Anonymous said...

Personally I could have done without the extreme moms, once again a plug for a Discovery Channel show. I guess as long as Terrance is EP we will be bombarded with shameless plugs and promotions.

Claire said...

When you think about all of Anderson's talk when he guest hosted on R&K, the guy LOVES reality television. To me it's really disappointing that his talk show covers it all so heavily, but it does not surprise me at all and probably to hope it will change would be useless. My choice is not to watch.

Anonymous said...

Why waste your time watching Anderson at all?
No one is even interested in multiple topics and what in the world does he know about half of this "stuff?"
Extreme weddings?? He hasn't had one.
Children wearing tierras?? What insight can he share?
Really people: Give it a rest.
Anderson was a good field reporter but he knows nothing about the topics here, nothing.
Anyone of us could do his show and get the same ratings. In fact WE could do it better.