Monday, April 23, 2012

Anderson in Washington DC on Saturday To Tape Jeopardy!

Anderson traveled to Washington, DC Saturday to be a contestant on Jeopardy! Power Players. The shows were taped and will air the week of May 14th. Anderson competed against Kelly O'Donnell and Thomas L. Friedman.

There were questions from the press and Washington DC's ABC station posted the following on their Website ~

Jeopardy! Power Players in D.C.
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Fifteen celebrity contestants tackling trivia about Washington, D.C., competing for their favorite charities—it’s Jeopardy! Power Players.

Before the taping started, nearly all of the players confessed to being nervous.

“I'm worried about this buzzer. That's what I'm worried about. I'm worried about clicking in too fast or too slow. I don't know,” said journalist and talk show host Anderson Cooper.

The winner of each round collected $50,000 in charity money. The runners-up each got $10,000.

“If I lose again, I'm a big jeopardy loser. You lose all your credibility. No, well, I don't know how much credibility I have but I lose whatever I have,” Anderson Cooper said.

and this video ~

Enjoy some photos posted by

Anderson tweeted on Thursday night ~
and then again on Sunday night ~

While Anderson can't reveal the outcome until the episode airs, he appears to be practicing the Cheech Marin buzzer method in the above photo and rumor has it there's a good chance that Anderson's charity will be receiving a $50,000 check soon!

Saturday wasn't Anderson's first Jeopardy! Power Players appearance; that was on May 11, 2004. We'll have video and photos from that appearance on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

If Anderson thinks his credibility is at stake because of a loss on Jeopardy, he should have had the same concern for his failing attempt at show host.
One things for sure.
This guy loves face time.