Friday, April 13, 2012

Anderson: My Husband Is a Murderer. Plus, How to Spot a Liar

TOPIC: Married A Murderer
Guests: *Jessica, Recently found out ex-boyfriend was a killer
*Audrey, Set on fire by ex-husband
*Mildred, Ex-wife of DC Sniper shooter
*Sandra Brown, Psychopathologist and author

TOPIC: Spot A Liar
Guests: *Janine Driver, Body language expert
*Janelle, Target in an undercover car-mechanic investigation
*Danny Yoon, Mechanic, Great Bear Auto Shop (from audience)
*Audra Fordin, Owner, Great Bear Auto Shop (from audience)

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1 comment:

aries moon said...

Even though he's already done the Spot a Liar thing before, I did enjoy the segment and the discussion, it is actually kind of interesting to see some of the signals people give off when they're lying and I was able to spot the liar on that one test they did.