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Anderson: Ratings News for Weeks Ended March 25th & April 1st

'Anderson' ratings for the past two weeks ~

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Syndication Ratings: 'Dr. Oz' Tops 'Dr. Phil' as March Madness Continues to Disrupt Syndies
'The Insider' only series to show double-digit growth in week ended March 25

In the wake of warm weather, March Madness and plenty of repeats, most syndicated shows were down or flat in the week ended March 25 and several shows fell to new season lows.

Sony's Dr. Oz took over the talk-show crown, climbing 8% to a 2.8 live-plus-same-day household ratings average, according to Nielsen Media Research. Oz beat the typical leader, CBS Television Distribution's Dr. Phil, which fell 4% to a new season-low 2.5 after spending the week in repeats and facing frequent preemptions due to coverage of the NCAA basketball tournament.

Disney-ABC's Live! with Kelly, also in repeats, fell to a new season low, declining 4% to a 2.4. Warner Bros.' Ellen was flat at a 2.3. NBCUniversal's Maury dropped 4% to a 2.2, but remained the top talk show among young female demographics. CTD's Rachael Ray and The Doctors each added 7% to a 1.5. NBCU's Steve Wilkos was flat at a 1.2. Debmar-Mercury's Wendy Williams added 10% to a 1.1. Sony's Nate Berkus, which will end its run after this season, declined to a new season low, dropping 10% to a 0.9.

Among the newcomers, Warner Bros.' Anderson slipped 7% to a 1.3.
Debmar-Mercury's Jeremy Kyle was flat at a 0.6. Entertainment Studios' We the People advanced 25% -- or one-tenth of a ratings point -- to a 0.5.
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'Anderson' Episodes for the week ended March 25th:
Monday, March 19: Bethenny Frankel and Million-Dollar Female Inventors, plus, 'DWTS' Preview with Tom Bergeron
Tuesday, March 20: TLC's 'Little Couple'. Plus, 'American Idol' Castoff
Wednesday, March 21: Caught on Tape! Plus, Ashley Judd
Thursday, March 22: The Boy Who Can Not Eat. Plus, Kathy Bates
Friday, March 23: Jon Hamm and John Slattery of 'Mad Men'

Syndication Ratings: Syndies Steady as March Madness Winds Down
Drs. 'Phil' and 'Oz' tie for talk's top spot; 'Big Bang' leads all of syndication

Syndies were mostly steady in the week ended on April Fool's Day, Sunday, April 1. Most shows were in repeats, but with March Madness rolling to an end and television viewing up during the week, the net effect was that most shows held their own.

CBS Television Distribution's Dr. Phil bounced back to a 2.7 live plus same day household ratings average, up 8% from the prior week and showing the most growth for the week of any daytime show. Sony's Dr. Oz dipped 4% to a 2.7, tying Dr. Phil to remain atop the talkers for the second week in a row.

Disney-ABC's Live! with Kelly, still airing repacked episodes, remained at its season-low 2.4. NBCU's Maury edged up 5% to a 2.3. Warner Bros.' Ellen eroded 17%, daytime's biggest decline, dropping to a new season-low 1.9. CTD's The Doctors added 7% to a 1.6, and everything else was steady: CTD's Rachael Ray, NBCU's Jerry Springer, NBCU's Steve Wilkos, Debmar-Mercury's Wendy Williams and Sony's Nate Berkus all remained at a respective 1.5, 1.4, 1.2, 1.1 and 0.9.

Warner Bros.' rookie talker Anderson and Debmar-Mercury's Jeremy Kyle both were steady at a 1.3 and 0.6, respectively. Entertainment Studios' We the People declined 20% to a 0.4.
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'Anderson' episodes for the week ended April 1:
Monday, March 26: Kristin Chenoweth (GCB) and Extreme Sleep Disorders
Tuesday, March 27: Modern Day Arranged Marriages and The Bully Project
Wednesday, March 28: AMERICAN IDOL’s Latest Castoff and Niecy Nash, plus,the Long Island medium who claims she can communicate with the dead
Thursday, March 29: Kristen Johnston and Renegade Moms
Friday, March 30: Miss Robbie Montgomery and Dangerous Distractions

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ratings news about 'Anderson.'

I've read here that Anderson will be revving up 'Anderson' in September to contend with Katie Couric's new talk show (and aren't there a couple others starting at that time?)

Why wouldn't anyone fortify their show now, go in strong immediately and earn some great Nielsen numbers during May sweeps (do they still do sweeps months?) and work on keeping your good numbers over the summer. And then in September when Katie starts all you got to do is keep your viewers loyal instead of working on gaining new viewers.

I just don't get why Anderson is waiting to improve his talk show. Maybe because it's harder than it seems? Maybe because improving the show means new people and he hasn't been able to hire those new people yet?

Putting more time and effort into the talk show is going to be more difficult in September and the entire Fall season with ugly political campaigns going on.

You can treat this all as late-night babble but it's something I've been wondering about for a while.


Anonymous said...

Jaanza, I agree with you. I don't think there are enough hours in the day for Anderson to work both shows. He has lost a lot of credibility as a result, which is a shame. Rather than half-heartedly working two shows, how about being fully present in one show? Otherwise, both shows may go down and crash.

Anonymous said...


I have wondered the same thing, why wait until Fall. I thought the whole reason for launching Anderson this past fall was to get a jump on the competition.

In my opinion, Anderson needs a complete re-start and I think that's what they tried to do when they brought Terence on board and let the other EP's go a couple of months in. Unfortunately, that attempt didn't prove successful.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe the renewal wasn't a little premature and now Anderson, TP/WB are scrambling to "save face."

May sweeps is coming up and even with a good month of shows and better ratings, how is that going to build a loyal viewing when there will be three months of repeats before 'Anderson' is back with a new and improved show and all the new competition is on board?

As a long time fan of Anderson's, it makes me sad to think that he'll be concentrating on "revving up" the talk show for September, instead of putting time and effort into AC360 over the summer and maybe taking a couple of trips abroad for some good field reporting.

Maybe everyone will come to their senses over the summer and realize that Anderson wasn't cut out to be a talk show host. Perhaps Anderson will realize that he can't do it all and do some soul searching to decide if he wants to tell other people's stories (be a news man) or be the story (be a talk show host, continue airing "giggle fits" on AC360, etc.)

The ratings for neither show are good and both are falling. Sometimes people have to hit bottom before they face reality.

Here's hoping that something happens and we get Anderson Cooper, news anchor/field reporter back, but I'm starting to think that ship may have sailed.


Anonymous said...

@Jaanza & Jenn I couldn't agree more, is Anderson waiting to see what the other shows will put out there, by then it will be too late.

I know this won't sit well with some Anderfans, but I think the problem is Anderson himself. He seems to have lost control over the show or just given it up to the EP from TLC and just sits back because it's easier than fighting with someone over who to have as a guest.

I would love to see him do some field work this summer, but it probably won't happen - too much invested in his daytime show. He sends his staff out to the street to talk to the public, why can't he go or just talk to someone in the TWC, I'd settle for that. But the days of Reporter AC are gone unless it's to plug his show.