Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mike Wallace and Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper with Mike & Mary Wallace in 2006

Anderson Cooper did a tribute and a follow up discussion about the life and legecy of 60 Minutes' Mike Wallace on AC360 last night. Here's the clips, in case you missed them.

Anderson interviewed Mike & Mary on AC360 March 14, 2006 ~

Here's a letter he wrote and posted on the 360 blog about the experience.

'You look like a kid'

Hearing that Mike Wallace is going to be stepping back from his work at "60 Minutes" was surprising to me. It's not that he doesn't deserve a little let up in his schedule. He has certainly earned as much time off as he wants. It's just that for as long as I can remember I've spent Sunday nights with him. Not literally, of course.

To me, "60 Minutes" is still the best news magazine program on broadcast television. It's the only show I rush home to see, even when I know my TiVo is going to record it anyway. It's the only show I listen to on the radio, if I am in a car when it's on.

It's only recently that I've come to know Mike and his amazing wife Mary personally. I flew down to Florida this weekend to attend a dinner with them for a charity they support. I actually got to sit between Mike and Mary, and it was such an incredible treat.

"You look like a kid," was the first thing Mike said to me when I saw him Saturday evening.

"That's because he is a kid compared to you," Mary quickly chimed in.

When Mike told me he was going to be 88 years old this year, I did a double take. I couldn't believe it. He looks amazing, and has far more energy than I do.

I've been reporting now for 15 years, and there are days I wonder how long I can keep this pace up. News is a tough business. It's hard on your family. It's hard on your brain. It's hard on your body. But Mike Wallace has been at the top of his game for decades, longer than I have been alive. If I could have half the career Mike Wallace has had, and will continue to have, I would consider myself a very lucky man indeed.

Posted By Anderson Cooper: 5:15 PM ET

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Anonymous said...

This was an interview given by the Anderson we once knew.
The one who was actually interested in his subject matter, sincere, capable, in the handling of none other, than the iconic Mike Wallace.
Anderson joined Sixy Minutes right around that time and Mike probably gave him some helpful tips during their time together.
Sadly, Anderson has proven to be very unlike Mike Wallace, the dogged, determined, investigative journalist we will all miss on a legendary show.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a random comment, but in that Mike Wallace interview on AC360º from years ago, I notice in the beginning the origional theme music from the show. I really miss it and wish it would come back, along with the announcer that would say "across the country and around the world, this is Anderson Cooper 360º. Reporting tonight from New York, here's Anderson Cooper". It just made it more fun. The show just begins abruptly with Anderson talking. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the music was very appealing and attractive.
It drew you in so you'd stay with the show.
It was an awakening, almost like an addictive adventure!
But that music went with a different Anderson, one that was not boring.
This one is a real snooze.