Saturday, April 14, 2012

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Monday, April 16
DANCING WITH THE STARS Latest Castoff Sherri Shepherd. Plus, NBC’s Natalie Morales and Fran Drescher
Sherri Shepherd, the latest celebrity to be eliminated from DANCING WITH THE STARS (airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CTV Two), joins ANDERSON to discuss her emotional departure from the show. Then, with a hidden camera experiment, NBC TODAY news anchor Natalie Morales investigates how easy it is for a child to be abducted. Plus, Fran Drescher (THE NANNY) opens up about surviving cancer and how she turned a failed marriage into the successful new sitcom, HAPPILY DIVORCED.

Tuesday, April 17
Daytime Exclusive: Trayvon’s Brother & Family Speaks Out. Plus, Racism in American
In a daytime exclusive, Trayvon Martin’s brother and family join ANDERSON to speak out on Trayvon’s tragic passing and the latest developments in the case. ANDERSON and a panel of legal experts separate fact from fiction and tell viewers what they need to know as the controversial case unfolds.

Wednesday, April 18
ANDERSON’s Fight Lab & Best-Selling Author Nicholas Sparks.
ANDERSON sits down with a doctor who can predict with 94% accuracy whether or not a marriage will end in divorce, and shares tips on the right ways to argue to keep relationships from falling apart. Then, best selling author, Nicholas Sparks, discusses his latest book to hit the big screen, The Lucky One, starring Zac Efron (Charlie St. Cloud).

Thursday, April 19
Daytime Exclusive: My Husband Tried To Kill Me
Susan Walters, a woman who killed the hit-man her husband hired to kill her, joins ANDERSON to share her frightening tale. Then, the family of Susan Powell, who has been missing for two years, speaks out about the recent death of her husband and children. Plus, a forensic expert takes ANDERSON through a real-life CSI demonstration.

Friday, April 20
Husband Hunters & ANDERSON On Your Side: Wedding Disasters
ANDERSON speaks to a group of “husband hunters” who run a website that promotes “groupie culture,” teaching women how to hunt down pro-athletes, some of whom are married, leading to a heated debate between the wives and ex-wives of these professional athletes, and the website founder and groupies. Then, meet a woman who was tricked into a wedding dress scam and another whose wedding day was destroyed by a hurricane.

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Unknown said...

You know I twittered you...:)

Unknown said...

No, I mean I'm now a follower of yours on Twitter. Just look for Vince Blas. Hope you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

I'll probably tune in for Sherri Shepard and Nicholas Sparks. The rest of the week I have no interest in the topics.

While Tuesday looks more like the type of show I thought Anderson would tackle in daytime, 'Anderson" is about two or three weeks late covering/airing the story. Trayvon Martin's story has reached it's saturation point with most viewers and his family has been all over the press, so I can't imagine they have anything to say that we haven't already heard. Too bad this didn't air two or three weeks, before the story had been covered to death by the media.

-- Jenn

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jenn about the timing of the show with Trayvon Martin's family. The family has been through the worst tragedy - the senseless death of a child. However, they've been on so many media outlets. Not sure when this show was taped but there won't be much new stuff until Zimmerman's bail hearing (4/20?).

At least this week there are fewer topics.


Anonymous said...

Sherri Sheppard disserved to be booted from DWTS.
She shouldn't have been a contestant in the first place.
I know this will offend those who are "over weight," but if you know going into it that it will be hard for you to compete, don't do it unless you want the sympathy vote from all those who have your problem, and that includes ALL former contestants who were physically unfit, including Chaz Bono.
And let us not forget Sherri's biggest blunder when she said on The View, "The world was flat," and it was unapologetic.
Sorry Sherri, but "The View" deserves a person who is far more informative, whether you can tap dance or not.