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Monday, April 23
SMASH Star Debra Messing
ANDERSON is joined by EMMY® Award-winning actress, Debra Messing (WILL & GRACE), to discuss her new hit musical drama SMASH (Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on CTV Two) and goes head-to-head with ANDERSON in a famous women trivia game. Then, ANDERSON sits down with a mother who met the recipient of her son’s kidney when he coincidentally showed up to paint her house, and another woman who found her wedding ring a year and a half later after accidentally flushing it down the toilet.

Tuesday, April 24
I’ve Been Abducted By Aliens. Plus, Topher Grace
ANDERSON explores whether extraterrestrial sightings are real or fantasy as he sits down with one woman who sent a branch to a lab after she claimed a UFO sprayed her tree with “space dust”, and two women who claim to have followed a UFO down a rural highway. Then, Topher Grace (Spider Man 3) joins ANDERSON to discuss his Off-Broadway debut and his new film with Robert De Niro, The Giant Mechanical Man. Plus, find out what happened when Topher, along with De Niro, confronted a childhood bully.

Wednesday, April 25
ANDERSON’s Live Auction & John Cusack
ANDERSON hosts his first-ever live auction with all proceeds going to charity, and is joined by Lara Spencer (GOOD MORNING AMERICA) and Paul Brown (AUCTION KING), who give the best tips for finding deals at flea markets and garage sales. Golden Globe® nominated-actor John Cusak also joins in to donate a personal item and discusses his relationship with famous sibling Joan Cusack. Plus, see how much one lucky audience member paid for a $10,000 emerald ring, and another audience member that gets the surprise of her life!

Thursday, April 26
THE VOICE’s Top 8, Total Memory Makeover with Marilu Henner and National Geographic's new show AMISH: OUT OF ORDER
ANDERSON sits down with the top eight contestants from CTV’s THE VOICE (Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on CTV), who share what it’s really like working with their celebrity judges and who they think is going home with the prize. Then, five-time Golden Globe® nominated-actress and author of Total Memory Makeover, Marilu Henner, shares why she can remember every day with perfect precision, what it means to have Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory and how the power to remember will help you achieve more for your future. Plus, ANDERSON speaks with several cast members from National Geographic's new show AMISH: OUT OF ORDER, to discuss the trials and tribulations they are facing since leaving the Amish community behind.

Friday, April 27
DANCING WITH THE STARS Castoff, True Crime Stories & ANDERSON’s Mystery Guest
The latest castoff from CTV Two’s DANCING WITH THE STARS (Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on CTV Two) joins ANDERSON to discuss the emotional departure, what it has meant to be a part of the show and shares the backstage drama and who might be getting crowned the winner. Then, ANDERSON investigates true crime stories, including an innocent woman who spent the last 20 years in prison before finally getting acquitted of all charges, who now faces being sent back to jail. Then, two brothers whose mother was killed in a fire and whose father was charged with murder when they were little boys find out what really happened that night when new DNA evidence is revealed. Plus, ANDERSON tries to guess his special mystery guest. Hint: She starred in the biggest movie musical of all time!

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Anonymous said...

The first question I would ask Topher Grace is "How does it feel being on the same show as folks who claim they were abducted by aliens?" Again, wildly unrelated topics put together in the same show.

The one topic that interests me and which deserves a whole hour is AMISH OUT OF ORDER. I will try to find this show on Nat Geographic because years ago CW or UPN had a one-season reality show called AMISH IN THE CITY which was excellent. Five Amish teenagers used their Rungenspringen (sp?) to live in Los Angeles for a while with six non-Amish teenagers. They learned about life outside of their communities and the other teenages learned about the Amish. It was way better than it sounds.

Also, I gotta find out how a syndicated show conducts a live aution.


Anonymous said...

Mutiple topics are boring and don't hold anyones interest.
When is Anderson and his staff going to realize this and change?
answer: Never, not until he's canceled.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:19 PM - I disagree about multiple topics being boring. Sometimes Anderson has some great topics, like the Amish, but doesn't have the time to do a thoughtful in-depth interview. Many times when there are multiple topics, he can only skim the surface before having to move on to "American Idol" or "coupons."

It seems like 'Anderson' has so multiple topic shows to try to appeal to the widest number of viewers. If you don't like 'Smash' maybe you'll stay tuned for the woman who flushed her ring down the toilet.

This method of trying to gain viewers is understandable but also unfortunate because it results in some rather shallow interviews.


Anonymous said...

Oprah didn't have trouble with shallow interviews.
Mike Wallace didn't have trouble with shallow interviews.
Katie Couric didn't have a shallow interview when she single handedly showed the nation how really stupid
Palin was.
Only Anderson seems to have shallow interviews.
Yes, shallow, even on 60 Minutes he couldn't conduct an interview the way Scott Paley or Steve Kroft does and it shows.
And Rachel Maddow just wrote an indepth account of US entanglement in war and it's a bestseller.
Need I go on????
Rachel Maddow knows how to conduct an interview that isn't shallow or millions wouldn't watch her each nite, and did I mention she's a journalist, and proud of it.
And NO, I don't watch Anderson, but I did. Past tense.