Saturday, April 28, 2012

Next Week on 'Anderson' 4/30/12

Monday, April 30
Kristen Johnston Co-Hosts and PRIVATE PRACTICE’s Kate Walsh
ANDERSON’s first ever co-host is Emmy® Award-winning actress Kristen Johnston (THE EXES), who explores the topic of women who undergo plastic surgery to look like celebrities. Then, Kate Walsh (PRIVATE PRACTICE) joins ANDERSON to reveal secrets about working at her hit show and why she has a new ‘Billionaire Boyfriend,’ then Kristen and Kate face off in a game of “Buzz That Billionaire.” Plus, Kristen, a former addict herself, teaches ANDERSON about a new high school dedicated to helping teens who struggle with substance abuse. See how two teens are overcoming their addictions and learn what all parents should do if they suspect their children are abusing drugs.

Tuesday, May 1
Daytime Exclusive: Judi Dench, Plus Anderson Investigates: Why Are We Rude?
ANDERSON is joined by Golden Globe® and Academy Award®-winning actress Dame Judi Dench (J. Edgar) who addresses rumors of going blind, reveals the medical condition that is affecting her life and discusses the highlights of her career. Then, a hidden camera investigation reveals how everyday people respond to rude situations. Learn the best ways to deal with rudeness and find out how to be assertive without being rude.

Wednesday, May 2
Aziz Ansari (PARKS AND RECREATION) surprises ANDERSON by sending his own look-a-like out on stage to fool him. Then, Aziz shares what it’s like to work with his co-star, Amy Poehler, and what happened when he ran into rapper 50 Cent at a restaurant. Plus, ANDERSON discusses the headline making stories that are capturing the nation’s attention.

Thursday, May 3
ANDERSON is joined by the husband of Soccer Mom Madam, Anna Gristina, to speak out for the first time in a Daytime Exclusive about the future of his family after his wife was charged with running a brothel in New York City. Then, Emmy® Award-nominated actress Vanessa Williams (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on CTV) and her mother, Helen, discuss their new candid memoir You Have No Idea. Vanessa opens up about her childhood abuse, getting pregnant in high school and offers tips on how everyone came overcome adversity.

Friday, May 4
Daytime Exclusive: Inside the Jailhouse with a Teen Killer
ANDERSON is talking with a 19-year-old girl convicted of murder from her prison cell. This teen shares what happened on the chilling night of the murder and why she found herself in these tragic circumstances. Then, the parents of the convicted teen share how they felt the moment they heard their daughter was found guilty, and the parents of the victim speak out.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like nobody can say much about the topics coming up; zero comments so far.

Is Monday the only show Kristen Johnson will be co-hosting? Maybe Anderson and/or his staff realize hosting is more difficult than they realized and that a co-host, i.e. a Kelly Ripa, is needed. Anderson must have received a lot of positive feedback every time he co-hosted 'Regis and Kelly' which may have lead him to believe he could host a daytime talk show. However those times were with Kelly at his side.

I'm curious how Kristen and Anderson will work together. This could either be an awesome idea or sink within the first few minutes. I don't see any in-betweens happening.


Anonymous said...

I watched a short preview for his month of may and it appears that he will have a co-host every Monday this month.


Anonymous said...

Anderson needs more than a female co-host to save his show.
Kelly is a professional who learned from the master himself: Regis.
A hit and miss co-host can't carry the show if the content is poor and the host has zero skills of engagement.
They may be preparing for next season when Ricki Lake is on board along with Kaie Couric and etc.
A lot of competition and variety for the viewer.