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Next Week on Anderson 4/9/12

Monday, April 9:
Hypnotism to Lose Weight. Plus, Outrageous Ways to Save Money
Tuesday, April 10:
'DWTS' Castoff Jack Wagner & His Newly Discovered Daughter, Plus Extreme Pet Owners
Wednesday, April 11:
Simple Steps to Change a Habit, & Facebook Changed My Life
Thursday, April 12:
'American Idol,' & Obsessed with Lifelike Baby Dolls. Plus, Edie Falco.
Friday, April 13:
My Husband Is a Murderer. Plus, How to Spot a Liar

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Anonymous said...

I know there are people who are big fans of 'DWTS' and/or 'American Idol' so Tuesday and Thursday will work for them. However, I just don't see how topics like 'Obsessed with Lifelike Baby Dolls' elevates the talk show genre.

Looking ahead to the Repbulican and Democratic National Conventions this year; they are back to back, the Reps the last week of August and the Dems the first week of September. How will Anderson manage to cover the conventions and keep his talk show going during that time? Two weeks of repeats for 'Anderson' or shows taped far in advance?

Cute pictures of the painted babies but I can't help wondering how they got the paint on and how they'll get it off.


Anonymous said...

Is it me or are the line ups getting worse instead of better? Seems like were it not for TLC and a few of their favorite topics to repeat - ways to save money, murderer's, liar's, etc. there wouldn't be a show.

I'm so over "outrageous" and "extreme" being celebrated. I was hoping for some intelligence, which means I won't be tuning in this week again.

Is the booking staff that bad or doesn't anyone want to come on the show? Anderson is so much better than this daytime effort.

-- Jenn

Anonymous said...

Edie Falco is a major star, and to not spend the entire hour with her, is a slap in the face.
She doesn't give that many interviews and Anderson is lucky to get her.
Stop saying "he's so much better than this."
If he were, he'd know when and how to book a quality guest and how much time to alot to them. He's hit his stride and is clueless.
A Nurse Jackie Fan.

The ATA Team said...

We've been chastised by a reader for not offering Passover greetings to our Jewish readers. Please accept our apologies and Happy Passover.

Anonymous said...

Edie Falco was on Kimmel last week and will be on The View on Wednesday, so she's around doing press, but I agree, she should be given more time.

Jane Goodall is in NYC and will be on Fallon Tuesday night. Now that's a guest I would like to see Anderson sit down and spend time with. Joel McHale is also in NYC this next week and Anderson claims to be a big fan of "The Soup" - but maybe not now that 'Anderson' has provided material for Joel. When Anderson talked about the talk show being authentic and topics he was interested in, this is what I envisioned, not a giant advertisement for TLC.

If 'Anderson' holds true to form, Edie will be the last guest, given about 10 minutes and much of the time will be taken up by a game or questions from the audience. Apparently, Anderson has forgotten how to conduct a one on one interview.

I thought he was doing a talk show, not hosting an audience participation program.

Anonymous said...

Aona 12:10 AM - Anderson has said that he's a big fan of Phil Donahue and at Donahue's show audience participation was a big factor. Are you suggesting that Anderson is not preparing enough questions for the interviews and the audience's questions fill the time?

If Anderson stays true to his quest to have topics he's interested in on his talk show maybe he'll get Joel McHale and Jane Goodall and we'll see those shows next week. Admittedly, that's a big maybe. We might get more TLC topics instead.

Regarding my own question about Anderson covering the Rep and Dem National Conventions this summer there's a third possibility -- Anderson stays in NYC instead of traveling with the rest of CNN to Tampa and Charlotte. He stayed in NYC for one of the big debates didn't he?

I still believe Anderson can do better. But it doesn't seem like he can make both 360 and the talk show better at the same time. Quality for each means more than a 50% effort. I hope Anderson realizes this one day and lets go of the talk show to devote all of his energy into news.


Anonymous said...


I'm not suggesting he doesn't prepare enough questions, I think the whole audience thing is too fake. You can see cards in his hands with the faces of the people who are going to ask the questions. I'm sure questions are either submitted by the audience members in advance and cleared by the talk show or quite possibly the talk show prepares them and hands them out to selected audience members, I don't really know. It just doesn't seem to be a free flowing conversation. If I remember correctly, Phil's shows were one topic, live and home viewers could call in and there was a good free flow of discussion/exchange of ideas.

Anderson often seems to put "guest types" in the audience and ask them questions from the audience, instead of putting them on the stage. I just find it all rather distracting.

If he's only going to have a guest for 10 or 15 minutes, then I would rather he stick to the one on one interview. It he wants to devote an hour to a topic and include true audience participation, then that would be fine, too. But, IMO, the audience participation the way it's done now seems to be contrived and a "treat" for audience members, but doesn't translate well to the home viewer.

Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but when he does one of his "keeping them honest" type segments on the talk show, he always confronts the guests from the audience, not sitting beside them on the stage.

If he stays in NYC for the political conventions, then he may as well hang up his new anchor title as far as I'm concerned. You are right. He can't do it all - and both shows are shining examples of that. He needs to choose and like you I hope he picks news.

Anonymous said...

Cleaning out the computer and found a link to the old 360 blog page, it was quite interesting. There were videos from the time when AC went hurricane chasing and a John Zarilla saved him from the Ramada Inn sign. God, I miss that AC.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The talk show needs to be renamed the TLC Promotional Hour. Its ridiculous that its so dependent on the programing of TLC. If TLC ever went off the air so would the talk show. If this is the show AC envisioned then that's sad. The ratings are stagnant. I don't think it paned out the way it was supposed to.

Anonymous said...

Folks: TLC probably owns the show and Time Warner is distributing it.
Someone on ATC says that CNN and TW are making tons of money and ratings don't count.
Personally, having taken business 101, even The Donald wants good ratings.
If ratings didn't matter, no one would ever speak of them and USA Today and TVN wouldn't site them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:08 PM - I don't know who owns 'Anderson' and have no doubt CNN and Time Warner are making money. If whoever owns 'Anderson' is okay with the ratings they've been getting, I shouldn't complain, right?

But I still complain. Because last summer Anderson talked about having a great program that would elevate the talk show genre. It would be intelligent. And it wouldn't interfere with 360.

'Anderson' has had some very good shows. However the majority of the topics are so corny - 'Extreme Couponing' or 'Is Your House Making You Fat?' or 'Obsessed with Lifelike Baby Dolls.' This is not the Anderson I knew and loved the past and want back.

Anderson's integrity as a journalist has changed. Maybe he's happy with how both shows are going and so are his bosses. As an Anderson fan I believe his strength in in news, not talk shows, and want to see him focus more on the news.


Anonymous said...

Jaanza: Everyone should complain because this is not the Anderson we knew and respected.
Anderson was supposed to go into syndication, according to him, as the executive producer with a new vision for daytime.
He supposedly was not only the executive producer, but OWNED the rights of the show.
This was part of HIS vision and not only did he not live up to his own vision, he let his viewers down, the same viewership that supported 360.
Not only did he do a disservice to himself but to his audience that was once loyal.
I for one, stopped watching 360 I was so disgusted with his lack of integrity, and I know I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

@11:34 p.m.- You aren't alone. Many of us have complained to no avail about both shows. It is possible that if things keep going this way, one or both of his shows will be cancelled and for the same reason---no one is watching. I hope that if that happens that Anderson goes back into the field, because that is where he does his best work.