Friday, April 06, 2012

On The Frontlines - Part 5

'Anderson' is in repeats this week and we decided to take a look back to a special Anderson Cooper anchored that aired on AC360, Friday, December 23rd, 2011.

Sara Sidner on the fall of Libya's largest city. Across parts of the Arab world, discontent seemed to explode in 2011. People compared it to a fever or a wave, a set of giant dominos in rest that rippled. It's still rippling across the region.
It's been extraordinary to witness Sara and the rest of the panel are back. All have seen history made and rewritten as well this year.
Being there, I mean, was that the most intense experience that you had found yourself in? Because you were reporting live throughout it all.

COOPER: For you, what is a good day in the field? What is a day that makes you feel you know what? This was a good day. We are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing?

ARWA DAMON: When, you know, when you feel like you actually do have this fundamental purpose and you are feeling these human emotions and especially with everything that's happening in the Middle East right now.
I don't think despite the fact that we have been covering it we actually understand what it means for the people that are going through all of this.
What it means for the Libyans who have gone through so much under Gadhafi to finally not to have that anymore and all of these other places. They go through things that we can't even imagine. It's our worst nightmares and they are living it.

ROBERTSON: We are a window for our audience. As big as we can open that window and show them what's happening, it's a great feeling when you open that window and you know that you can show some of that story to the world.
But what's an amazing feeling is when you feel on this huge story, the world actually cares and it's looking in through that window. Then you feel like you have done your job.

COOPER: Because sometimes you feel like you are talking into a wind tunnel, telling the stories and it doesn't have any impact.

ROBERTSON: When the world cares and you know that the world cares and you know that they are watching. Those are the moments that get me the most. You know, I think they were slowed down to reflect on this year. But when you reflect on it now, I mean, just looking at these pictures, it's reminding us, we were talking about it. It's powerful to watch it.

SIDNER: Humbleness.

COOPER: I think a lot of people don't realize is that we don't actually see a lot of the reports. When you are overseas and filing this stuff and you had to go to another demonstration, you don't actually end up seeing a lot of this stuff. It was interesting just to watch you all watching these pieces.

ROBERTSON: We were so much younger at the beginning.

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