Tuesday, May 08, 2012

AC Last Night on Bravo's WWHL

WWHL Part 1

WWHL Part 2

WWHL Part 3

After show Part 1

After show Part 2

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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Anonymous said...

If Andy Cohen wants to promote his book he should have all the houswives on from Atlanta and NJ.
The housewives of Atlanta got a 3.2
rating, while the NJ housewives got 3 million for their season opening.
And Anderson would salivate for both those ratings so he's of no help to Cohen.
Andy stick to Kelly by herself.
At least she can host a show.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I don't get.
Anderson creates his own hype.
If Andy Cohen thinks AC's in such demand, why didn't he give him a talkshow on Bravo?
What's up with that?
Instead it went to Kathy Griffin who is doing worse than Anderson.
Yes, Anderson creates his own hype.
First he went on David Letterman and then everyone says look at how well 60 Minutes did! Duh?
That's it. Put him on 60 Minutes every week and let's see how well he does folks.

aries moon said...

The only time I watch this show is when AC makes an appearance, otherwise it's all about Bravo stuff that doesn't interest me. Anderson and Andy are close friends so I'm sure Andy likes having AC on the show and that's not likely to stop.

Steph said...

I can't see the after show videos because I don't live in the US! Could you please rip those videos too?! Pretty please?

The ATA Team said...

Sorry Steph we aren't able to.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for posting the entire episode!!