Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 5/8/12

TERRORIST PLOT FOILED: Anderson Cooper reporting
Interview with Rep. Peter King (R) New York
Follow up discussion with Fran Townsend, Bob Baer and Ali Soufan

Follow up with Erick Erickson, Cornell Belcher and Ari Fleischer


MANHUNT IN KIDNAPPING CASE: Anderson Cooper and Martin Savidge reporting
Interview with Bobbi Booth, sister of Teresa Mayes

KEEPING THEM HONEST, VETS CHARITY RIP-OFF: Part Two of Drew Griffin's report

THE RIDICULIST: Alleged Hot Dog Hooker


AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast


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Anonymous said...

I had a couple of problems with Tuesday's 360, specifically with the 'Raw Politics' segment. In the panel there were two conservative-leaning pundits (Fleischer and Erickson) and one liberal-leaning pundit (Belcher). That bothered me; either Fleischer or Erickson should have been kicked out to even it up.

Even worse, Anderson implied at the start of the panel that they would also discuss the referendum in North Carolina to ban gay marriage. That didn't happen. Instead there was a re-hash of what Pastor Harris said and an interview with him done by Mattingly. Why? Who cares if Harris wants to explain, very likely what he said isn't much different from thousands of other small-town pastors.

Why wasn't there a discussion with the political panel about the North Carolina gay marriage ban vote? I was hoping for a good debate and for somebody (Belcher? Anderson?) to bring up the point that before 1967 each state had its own laws about inter-racial marriage. Then the Supreme Court ruling in Loving v. Virginia stated inter-racial marriage was legal throughout the country.

The U.S. will be a mix of gay-marriage allowed states and gay-marriage-outlawed states. I believe there will be another Supreme Court ruling, probably in another generation or two, which will legalize gay marriage in this country.

There was a terrific opportunity for a good talk about gay marriage, referendums, votes, history and the Supreme Court. Maybe tomorrow when the results of the NC vote is in we'll see a good discussion on it, hopefully including Jeffrey Toobin.

Drew Griffin had a great part two concerning the croroked disabled veterans group. If you put the two parts together they would look like a '60 Minutes' report. In the comments for Anderson's Michael Phelps report for them, someone stated '60 Minutes' wants to hire Anderson full-time. They should look at Drew Griffin.


aries moon said...

360 misses the big picture, the North Carolina same sex marriage issue was big news on most of the other networks and AC should've given it some coverage and Rachel Maddow (and Jon Stewart) covered Mitt Romney's ridiculous claim about how the auto bailout was his idea all along--another glaring example of a candidate who does nothing but lie and flip-flop--this was begging for a KTH segment, but as usual, 360 seems to call out President Obama far more often than they do with Romney and Romney's out there making some questionable statements on a near daily basis but you'd never know it watching 360.